Remedy Of The Month – Dreaded Dandruff

Dry skin flaking off the scalp and itchiness is referred to as dandruff. The aggravation of vata generally causes dryness. Here are some natural remedies that y... Continue Reading


Yogsutra- sadhan paad, Yogasu...

[2.40] Patanjali now details the benefits of following yams and niyams to keep the practitioner motivated, Shouchaat svaanga jugupsaa paraih...

Vedic Maths: Vertically and cros...

Vedic Mathematics is a great gift to the modern world from our ancient sages. It is based on 16 sutras (formulae) and 13...


know your roots – Understanding Ganesh

Vedic tradition describes various forms of gods and goddesses, each one with a specific purpose. Among these, Lord Ganesh has been called as... Continue Reading

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Rama Navami

The word Rama is not restricted to Indian subcontinent alone. The highest selling water in Scandinavian countries by the name of Rama-Loosa.... Continue Reading

Remove term: Ayurveda AyurvedaRemove term: skin tightening skin tighteningRemove term: boost energy levels boost energy levels

For Youth and Glow

Skin tightening pack You will need the following ingredients: a pinch of haldi, one fourth teaspoon of sandalwood powder, one teaspoon honey... Continue Reading


Heat Of The Sun

Sun has been revered across cultures since time immemorial. Ancient Egyptian God of Creation, Amun resided in the Sun and from 4th Dynasty S... Continue Reading