Short Selling In Creation

Creation is cyclical in nature. There is an upward curve followed by a downward curve. We are presently on the downward curve of Creation, the peak of Kalyug. I... Continue Reading

Yogsutra Of Patanjali: Sadhan...

Drashta drishimaatrah shuddho-api pratyayaanupashyah Drashta: seer (soul) Drishimaatrah: consciousness Shuddha: pure Api: also, only (for em...

Yogsutras of Patanjali: Samadhip...

Patanjali details the forms of gunas, Visheshaavisheshalingamaatraalingaani gunaparvaani   Dhyaan: dhyan Vishesh: p...

God Dwells Where Women Are Honoured

A woman is an embodiment of Shakti — the energy that drives the Creation. It is a misconception, amongst many others, that women were oppres... Continue Reading

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Detachment In War
Brilliance of Indus

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I Saved Him, Not

Four years ago I, a practicing physician and cardiologist, was into heavy gymming. It was my passion to have a muscular physique. I had a yo... Continue Reading