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Breaking The Pull Of Gravity

Most rishis of yesteryear had wives and children, some had multiple wives as well. Sex was not a taboo in Vedic India. That is how all of us have come into this... Continue Reading

Yogsutra Of Patanjali: Sadhan...

Drashta drishimaatrah shuddho-api pratyayaanupashyah Drashta: seer (soul) Drishimaatrah: consciousness Shuddha: pure Api: also, only (for em...

Yogsutras of Patanjali: Samadhip...

Patanjali details the forms of gunas, Visheshaavisheshalingamaatraalingaani gunaparvaani   Dhyaan: dhyan Vishesh: p...


Heroes As I Know Them

A young child walked up to me and asked, who my favorite hero was. He gave me some options. Interestingly all of them were movie actors. I w... Continue Reading

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Water is Alive

Water holds a special place in all religions and cultures across time. Life began in water. There are organisms on earth that can survive wi... Continue Reading

Trinity in World

Vedic culture is not religion but science. It is based on laws of nature, which apply to every aspect of nature and geographies, so it is no... Continue Reading

What Is Yoga?

Yoga is the sum total of creation. A para-subject, which has in its ambit all the other subjects and sciences, rightly called as the final f... Continue Reading