Someone came to meet me in London. He had read a lot on the vedic sciences. He called himself a bhakta and said he knew all about atma, paramatma, purush and prakriti. I asked him, ‘do you need eyes to see?’ He said ‘no’. I said ‘ok, then can you close your eyes and locate me if I move about.’ He said ‘no’. I told him, ‘then logically you need eyes to see.’ One of my students has located me with her eyes closed. It is possible to see without the eyes. So what he was saying is correct, but he did not have the experience of it.
Purush and prakriti, are two different things, they can never merge or mix, together they become the sum total of entire Brahmand.

What you have not experienced, should not exist for you. That is how you begin your journey. Otherwise it feeds your ego and takes you further into agyanata or darkness.


Paramatma is like that water, and atma or purush is like salt in that water.

When salt dissolves in the water, it becomes Paramatma, but it is always separate from Paramatma-says Isha Upanishad. Paramatma is param, it can on itself, never ever manifest. Purush also doesn’t manifest but its thought manifests as prakriti. So actually the thought of Paramatma through the atma or purush, manifests as prakriti. Purush and prakriti, are two different things, they can never merge or mix, together they become the sum total of entire Brahmand. But then all this knowledge is redundant for you, till you have had the experience of it, till you need eyes to see…

For knowing anything, you have to first shut off the knowledge. Unless you shut off the knowledge, you will never know. Because your brain functions at 5-6 percent eficiency — enough for your five senses. All knowledge is restricted to these five senses, there is no knowledge beyond the five senses. A computer also has knowledge. This knowledge has to be shut. Ayurveda says at one time only one sense is active. So you have to shut your five senses. Not shut your brain — you must always question and get your answers — by experience, not by knowledge. Because knowledge only feeds the ego, when the ego is fed you go in the opposite direction which is
inversely proportion to your spiritual evolution. That gentleman did not like what I said, he turned and walked in the opposite direction.
Knowledge is only 5-6 percent of the brain, when you shut that, higher centers of the brain awaken. And that higher brain also has to be shut, then further higher brain awakens, which again has to be shut — and so on. So knowledge has to be shut, then the Guru awakens a specific force inside you, that will give you gyan. When you have gyan, then you know exactly what this entire creation is all about. Then you don’t need eyes to see.
Dhyan Foundation is the only organisation which has gone in front of doctors of Indian Medical Association, who gave them five photographs and they diagnosed which
ailment is there in which part of the body. IMA gave a certificate to them saying 85 percent accuracy.
It is not about belief, it is about walking the path. If you are a seeker you should not just think intellectually, you should walk that path and access that energy and also reach. There has to be a milestone that you have to access, and that milestone has to be shutting the 5-6 percent brain, it has to be your experience. That is gyan — when you experience knowledge. Like if you say Brahmand, you also have the experience of Brahmand. Walking the right path, I am yet to see somebody who has not had that experience.


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