ततः पुनः शातोदतौ तुयययौ िचयैकातापरणामः॥१२॥
Tatah punah shaantoditau tulyapratyayau chittasya ekaagrataa parinaamah ||12||
Tatah: then
Punah: again
Shaanta: the past, that which has been subdued Uditau: the present, that which has arisen Tulya: equal, the same
Pratyayau: object of focus
Chittasya: of the mind
Ekaagrataa: one-pointedness
Parinaamah: transformation
Then (after achieving one-pointedness) again the object of focus of mind which subsides in one moment, is exactly the same as that which rises in the next moment, this is the ekagrataparinaam.


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