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With the entire world sitting in the middle of a global lockdown, humans across ages and geographical boundaries have turned to the digital screen for everything — education, information, entertainment, socialising, festivities, business, shopping, recreation, you name it. It is an extremely disturbing trend.

It is a scientifically proven fact that whoever you interact with, remotely or physically, the interaction has an effect of interfering with your energy body, which leaves an impression on your aura or the koshas. Depending on the ability or the level of evolution of the entity you are interacting with, these koshas get affected by its prana or energy field. Interactions may enhance or deplete your energy body. Interaction with devas (subtle energy forces) or yogis may give you supernormal abilities like clairvoyance, vakshakti, healing powers and intuitive abilities. Whereas interactions with lower forces like black magicians, criminals, selfish people have the effect of depleting your energy body. 


You can understand it as the averaging of energy. There are no two people vibrating at identical frequencies, one is higher and the other is lower, always. In the course of any interaction between the two, one gets depleted, the other gets enhanced, as in the simple case of mathematics. That is why our elders insisted on satsang. Satsang is not singing and dancing to funny songs, it is keeping the company of evolved people, so that you only catch evolved or higher thoughts. 

Studies have revealed that the electromagnetic field/energy body of a person does get affected by interference from other entities, these entities can be animate or inanimate. For example, there is a marked difference observed in energy patterns of a person while he/she is watching a screen. Even when you interact with grosser beings (say, an animal), while you exchange grosser prana with it, at least the animal is able to elevate itself by deriving the subtler prana from you. In the case of a television or mobile screen, while there is a dissipation of your prana, it goes to waste since the device can gain nothing out of it. You, however, become grosser by receiving its prana. It is thus safe to conclude that human-machine interface is the grossest form of interaction.

Time has come when technology manufacturers would be controlling your mind by sending you coded signals through your devices. The blue light from the screen rewires the brain, making one a slave of technology. Blue light exposure is also known to interfere with secretion of melatonin in the body leading to sleep disorders and resultant ailments. Many other unknown lights are also emitted, which cause phenomenal damage to the mind and body. Many researches have related increased screen time to attention deficit disorder, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, computer vision syndrome, obesity and other health disorders. The radiations emitted by mobile devices are also found to impair brain functions, slow down reflexes, cause hearing and speech disorders, and in many cases, prove to be carcinogenic.

Therefore, it becomes extremely important to limit our digital and electronic consumption and at the same time expose ourselves to subtler frequencies that enhance our physical, mental and emotional faculties. It is possible to interact with these frequencies even while sitting at home through yogic practices like Sanatan Kriya. Sanatan Kriya brings the various layers of the body into a state of balance and helps one establish a connection with subtler, healing frequencies. The Kriya is a combination of certain etheric cleansing processes like Chakra SantulanPranayam and Panch Mahaprana Dhyan that negate the effects of grosser frequencies and also certain mantras which when practiced under a Guru make the body receptive to higher / subtler frequencies. A disease-free body, youthfulness, glow and a pleasant disposition are natural by-products.

You can do another experiment. Keep gobar uplas (cow dung cakes) in the room near your devices and take out time to massage bulls at a gaushala. This will help nullify the effect of radiations. Mail me your experiences.

Yogi Ashwini

Yogi Ashwini

Yogi Ashwini is adept in the ancient sciences of Yog, Tantra, Spiritual Healing, Mantra-Chanting, Yagya, Past Life, Art of Mace and Vedic Martial Arts. With an Honours in Economics, a Masters in Management and a successful business, he is an eminent writer for leading dailies and journals, an acclaimed speaker internationally,author of global bestsellers on ancient sciences. After studying the being for decades, spending years in silence and having interacted with the Himalayan masters, Yogi Ashwini propounded the Sanatan Kriya, an assimilation of the eight limbs of Patanjali Ashtang Yog. The sheer magnetism of his persona and radiance he exudes, even at 50, and the experiences one gets just by being in his presence, are enough proof of the efficacy of practice. His two decades of pioneering research on anti-ageing, published in the book ‘Sanatan Kriya: The Ageless Dimension’, has found validation in the recent studies by leading international universities. Thousands have benefited physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually from the practice of Sanatan Kriya, which is taught across the globe free of cost. He runs nearly 14 schools for street children,funds education of blind girls at NAB, organises food distribution camps, generates employment for underprivileged, feeds stray animals at more than 100 centres daily and gives medical help to all those who come to him…humans or animals.

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