You have been here before. You take birth and come again for what you have done, and you pay or reap for the effects of what you have done. It’s a continuous process. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you have done something, you are going to get it back because nothing in creation is constant, it either goes up or goes down and nothing can be created or destroyed. Form keeps changing as per karma.

Everything in creation vibrates at a specific frequency. People look different because they vibrate at different frequencies. Every action you perform unleashes that frequency in creation. Karma becomes the mother of all frequencies because everything begins from karma, and everything will go back to karma. If there is no karma, there is nothing in creation. Karma hence becomes the basis of creation. Gita talks about four kinds of karma. Sanchit karmas are the ones which you have accumulated and will play out one day. Prarabdh are the karmas which you have performed, and which are about to manifest, like when one takes out an arrow and is about to ire it. Then there are the karmas which you will perform in the future, Agami karmas. Finally, the karmas that you are performing at this point in time, is Kriyaman karma. Kriyaman karma can cancel out the effect of prarabdh. Prarabdh can be changed, through repentance, when you repent you can turn around your karma.


The present yug, is a yug of darkness. There can be only two reasons for you to be here in this yug. Either you have been sent as an avesh to carry out harikarya, or you have done so much paap in your past births, that you have been sent to pay back, by going through the darkness of this yug. It is your chance to redeem yourself and earn the entitlement to higher birth. If you get stuck in darkness, there is a constant degradation of the soul. An ordinary being, because of attachments, engages in karma to earn money, power, fame etc and gets stuck in the circle, because there is no Guru. Once you take birth unless you have a Guru, how will you know what to do and where to go?

A sadhak recently saw two tunnels in a dhyan experience. The first tunnel had beautiful lights and fragrances. The other tunnel was like a tornado with stones and debris, there was light at the end of the tunnel. Which of the two will you choose?
I always choose the path which is most difficult because I want to redeem myself. If you choose the path of lights and fragrances, the chances of you getting stuck are very high. When there is so much attraction around, it is easy to get distracted – Rishi Vishvamitra got stuck with Menaka. But if you choose the tornado, at the end of the tunnel, the light will be very bright.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Guru has been designed as the exit route from the karma of life and death. In this yug, if you have to extricate yourself, you have to find a Guru and then also walk on the exit route as illuminated by him or her. And if you meet a wrong Guru then, you are doomed. If your Guru is telling you ways to immerse yourself back in the physical world, he/she is not a Guru of light, he/she is a Guru of darkness, guiding you back to darkness.

How does one distinguish light from darkness?
Shri Krishna spelt out the path to light in Gita, the path of nishkama karma, helping those who cannot help themselves. For those who cannot find food for themselves, you feed them. Those who are out in the cold without a roof, in extreme heat without water or shade, with broken limbs and swollen stomachs, who are dependent on you to relieve their pain. You cannot turn your face away from them. What you have now you can use to drown yourself in darkness by leading a life for just yourself or you can use it to extricate yourself. You can buy out your passage to eternity from the dimensions of darkness to the dimensions of light. Only a Guru can take you there.

Gita says,
कमेवािधकारे मा फलेषु कदाचन।
मा कमफलहेतुभूमा ते सोऽकमिण॥ २-४७

You have the right to karma only, but never to its fruits. Let not the fruits of action be your motive. Nor let there be an attachment to inaction. This is the highest form of karma. Fruits here pertain to the dimension of name, fame, money, beauty and power. Do your karma for illumination and a higher dimension, and you can go beyond. Karma becomes the basis of creation. Every major religion talks about karma.

We are living in the yug of absolute darkness. When the gods look at the earth from their dimensions, they cannot see you, as it is pitch dark. If they don’t see you, how will your path be crafted? How will the blessings come? The only way to make yourself visible in this yug is through karma. When you perform karmas, you start to glow, and the gaze of gods falls upon you. When you shine, you illuminate the higher dimensions and when you illuminate the higher dimensions, you automatically go to higher dimensions. To prove this, Shri Hari himself took birth in Dwaparyug and went through all the pain as Shri Krishna. He was born as a cow-herder and proved that it is only karma that can carry a being forward on the journey.

You have the right to work only, never to its fruits in this world, but you definitely have the right to create or illuminate that light inside you, so that in this darkness you are identified by the gods. And when you get identified by the gods, they will come and talk to you, they will interact with you, and they will guide you to them because they see somebody like them. They are the beings of light, and they see you as a being of light.

What if one does not find a Guru in any lifetime?
Think of the dimensions deep down under, you will sink into them, so better not to venture in that direction at all. Everybody has a price, but do not sell yourself cheap. Sell yourself for higher dimensions, for zones of light, where you will also be illuminated. Generate such strong karmas for yourself that you find a guru and with his/her grace skyrocket into the light.

What is the point of birth if we miss the Guru?
The word Guru itself means light, a dispeller of darkness. Guru gives you the path or the journey, otherwise, one gets lost in this darkness. Light can be created in this yug, through karma and seva. The karma that you perform illuminates the higher lokas and propels you to those lokas. But to find a Guru you also must have a desire for Guru, a desire for light. Desire is the basis of Creation. When Creation started, the sons of Lord Brahma did not desire to come onto the earth. We take birth because of a desire. When that desire is fulfilled, a new desire is born. Is there any end to desire? We move from one desire to the next, and in the process, time passes. No matter how hard the Guru tries to lift a sadhak, if the sadhak desires muck, he/she will end up in that muck only and find a thousand reasons to justify it. But the point is, he/she has gone back to the muck, from reality back into the darkness of physical gratification.

In the healing arts, you are told not to attempt healing on a person who is unwilling to do good karma. Because if you heal such a person with your ability or entitlement, you may be able to remove the ailment, but the karmic baggage of the person remains and will cause him the drown. You, on the other hand, would have used up your entitlement. The entitlement here is the entitlement of karmas. If you have done good karmas, you have certain entitlements. It is these entitlements which translate as blessings or curses of evolved beings. Earn that entitlement through karma under a Guru, and use it, to propel yourself into the dimensions of light.

Yogi Ashwini

Yogi Ashwini

Yogi Ashwini is adept in the ancient sciences of Yog, Tantra, Spiritual Healing, Mantra-Chanting, Yagya, Past Life, Art of Mace and Vedic Martial Arts. With an Honours in Economics, a Masters in Management and a successful business, he is an eminent writer for leading dailies and journals, an acclaimed speaker internationally,author of global bestsellers on ancient sciences. After studying the being for decades, spending years in silence and having interacted with the Himalayan masters, Yogi Ashwini propounded the Sanatan Kriya, an assimilation of the eight limbs of Patanjali Ashtang Yog. The sheer magnetism of his persona and radiance he exudes, even at 50, and the experiences one gets just by being in his presence, are enough proof of the efficacy of practice. His two decades of pioneering research on anti-ageing, published in the book ‘Sanatan Kriya: The Ageless Dimension’, has found validation in the recent studies by leading international universities. Thousands have benefited physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually from the practice of Sanatan Kriya, which is taught across the globe free of cost. He runs nearly 14 schools for street children,funds education of blind girls at NAB, organises food distribution camps, generates employment for underprivileged, feeds stray animals at more than 100 centres daily and gives medical help to all those who come to him…humans or animals.

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