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Parallels in culture, religion, faiths, practices across the world

The Vedic civilization is one of the world’s oldest recognised civilizations. A range of archaeological pieces of evidence found across the ... Continue Reading

Trinity in World

Vedic culture is not religion but science. It is based on laws of nature, which apply to every aspect of nature and geographies, so it is no... Continue Reading

Ubiquitous Fire

Agni, fire, is the first word of Rig Veda — the oldest text in any language. Out of the five elements that make up Creation, fire is the onl... Continue Reading

Holy Water

Cultures across the globe maintain that creation emerged from water and at the time of Mahapralay/doomsday, merges back into it, the water b... Continue Reading

The Great Flood

Babylonian: Enlil advised the gods to destroy all humans with a flood, but Enki had Atrahasis build an ark and so escape. Also on the boat w... Continue Reading

The Great Flood

Long ago, evil was on a rise, very little was left of dharma, and every living person (save one called Manu), became corrupt. The actions of... Continue Reading