Looks can kill… Literally

looks can kill

As a child I remember getting highly irritated when my mother would put a bit of her kajal on my cheek, the reason she gave was “nazar na lage!” I could never understand this strange concept of ‘nazar lagna’! How in the world can a gaze harm you or can it?

Some time back, I gave a demonstration of physical strength and form that one can achieve through Sanatan Kriya in front of a large audience under the guidance of Yogi Ashwiniji. I stood on the stage for approximately 60 seconds in which I was scanned from top to toe by 200 pairs of curious eyes. The next morning, I woke up shivering. I had a high fever and acute diarrhoea. I was perplexed as I had forgotten what it was like to fall ill ever since I met my Guru. I asked a doctor if he could explain it medically, what caused this transformation from a muscled man to a bedridden patient in just one night. The doctor thought for ten minutes, examined me from head to toe and started contemplating whether it was Malaria or Typhoid. He told me, he needed to observe for two more days to come to a conclusion. I looked at Yogiji, he just smiled and said, “Had fun showing-off your body?! Nazar lagi hai…”


Instantly I was reminded of my mother’s kajal. I asked Yogiji how this works — how could looks cause such chaos in my body? He explained, our body is run on prana (energy). This prana is derived from the food we eat, the air we breathe, the things we come in contact with, the sounds we hear and the sights we see. Similarly, this prana is released from the body when we speak, touch, breathe, taste and see. In fact, 90% of prana that we receive is redistributed through our gaze…yes, a gaze is packed with that much energy.

Now different people have different pranic frequencies, the reason why you think and look different from your neighbour. People who get along well fall in the same spectrum of pranic frequencies, and those who cannot stand each other have a mismatch of frequencies. The difference in the pranic frequencies is because of the difference in our thought patterns.

Thoughts of jealousy, anger, resentment, etc. correspond to the grosser frequency of prana, while thoughts of creation, service, charity, etc. relate to the subtler frequency of prana. When a yogi looks at you, he/she channelises subtle thoughts and frequencies towards you translating in glow and radiance, and when a jealous person stares at you, he/she knowing/unknowingly directs the grosser frequencies towards you…which beyond a point, will have an effect on you.

Even if you take the toughest glass and keep pelting it with stones over and over again, it is going to weaken with every hit and eventually it will crack. Something similar happens to us, as we go around flaunting our assets — health, wealth, beauty, looks, relationships, jobs, anything. There is hardly anyone who feels happy looking at another person’s achievements; the majority is filled jealousy. When someone looks at another in jealousy, it is similar to stones being pelted at a glass surface. The moment the glass cracks, the effect of the heavy prana is felt on the body and immediately a disease manifests. The stomach is usually the first to get affected.

Amazing, isn’t it? After this incidence, all my childhood resentment for having to walk around with an ugly black spot on the cheek weaned away. After all, that black spot saved me many rounds of jealous glances (read ‘stomach-upsets’)!!!

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Shivan Chanana

Shivan Chanana

One thought on “Looks can kill… Literally

  1. I Agree with this Article as mentioned in it… n Even I have Experienced it… n The Negative Vibes from Some Person can Hampers Ur Health. But with All this. Stay Positive & Do Good which will Neglect these Negative Effects. Burri Nazarwalon Tumhara Much kaala. Jai Shree Krishna

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