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About The Inner World
The Inner World is your monthly dose of fresh, new, mystical collection of ideas brought together by the experts in health, beauty, nutrition, healing sciences, paranormal, environment, culture, animals, home science, you name it!
Keep yourself equipped, every month, with expert opinions on a range of interesting subjects. From the tried and tested Ayurvedic formulae, prescribed by an authentic, practising vaid to the most natural ways not just for that healthy glowing skin and lustrous hair but also the long-kept secrets of anti-ageing from across the world, the Inner World is the answer to your complete well-being.
Travel with us to mystical and mysterious destinations, explore the less-understood realm of past-life and paranormal, and become privy to the lesser known fact that others are too apprehensive to divulge!
Subscribe today to get THE INNER WORLD for a complete package that takes care of your physical and spiritual needs and nurtures your family, home, environment and surroundings.

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