Plane Crash


Have you ever been inside an air plane when there is turbulence?

It is a scary experience. The first reaction of the passengers usually is to grab their seats tight, some fasten the seat belts, and some even put on the oxygen mask. But then, would it prevent the plane from crashing? Or would it save them in the event the plane crashes? No.


You have boarded the plane and are now moving with the energy of the plane. The controls of the plane are not in your hands; you are a mere passenger. No matter what your social status, how many assets and wealth you possess, or how good you look, you cannot save the body or the physical assets.

What should you do then, when you can see the plane is crashing? People tell me, that they will pray for it not to crash. Maybe your prayers are answered and the plane does not even crash that once, but then how many times and for how long will this work?

The physical is temporary it is bound to go. There is no one I know, who has been able to hold onto anything they collected. The plane has to crash someday. You, however, need not crash…Yog, under a Guru, is the path to that. The reason you panic is because you are body-conscious and because of the impressions of past experiences of the deaths in your previous births, which flash before your eyes as the plane is crashing. It is the fear of what awaits you on the other side of death, the pain and trauma you will have to go through, to pay back for all that you did while you were on the plane.

Plane crash does not literally mean a plane crash; it is indicative of death which is round the corner…

You need not wait for the plane to crash to know where you are headed. There are specific kriyas in Sanatan Kriya through which you can get the experience beforehand. A student of mine reported seeing people burning in boiling oil, and people with strange looking insects all over…and this is just the beginning for those who spend their entire life living for the self (which they understand as the body), turning their face away from the pain and misery of fellow beings and creation at large.

You either move up in creation or you move down, you can never be stationary. This applies to all aspects of life –health, finances, relationships and even spiritual evolution. Even if today you have all that you desire, it won’t be for long. Yet you keep chasing it because your consciousness is limited to the body and the five senses. You neither know of nor have experienced the realms beyond, which exist (sadhaks are Dhyan Ashram are living testimony to the fact) and it is these realms that control and govern the physical body.

When you take the body to be the finality, you panic in a crashing plane. If at that time, you take your awareness to the sushumna nadi and focus on Shiv at the agya. You will not die; you will merge back into the source.

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