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The concept of Guru-Shishya which was the basis of the Vedic culture and movement of gyan in Creation has now devolved into a business relationship. A misconception which has dawned into beings of this yug is that if I have the money, I can buy the gyan of my Guru or if I have the power, I can force gyan of my Guru for commercial favours or if I have the looks, then I can entice gyan of my Guru, of course, through sexual favours.

I make the above statements by studying the behavioural patterns of many so-called spiritual organisations generally, where I find the rich and the pretty in the innermost circle of the Gur u, and specifically through my own experiences with the hundreds who have come to me at Dhyan Ashram. The above three cases of money, power and looks are completely redundant in the world of gyan and the science of spirit, as they are all forms of maya. Maya follows a Yog Guru; a YogGuru does not follow maya.


An accomplished yogi can create as much money as he desires with only a thought or he can get any work executed in the world with just a thought and if he feels the need for sexual gratification, then any kind of beauty and looks in his partner is just a thought away. A yog guru can change even the ugliest man or woman into the most pretty by certain yogic techniques. At Dhyan Ashram many such before and after cases are available for the sceptic. For the last nearly 30years, I have been trying to explain this reality of opening the bondages of maya, not tying yourself more through various means, by giving so many examples to the people who come to me.

The majority who come to me keep telling what they want, how they can achieve it and how I can bless them and how they already know everything. (Once the situation got so funny that one of my so-called shishya, during her daughter’s wedding, asked me to raise both my hands and give STRONG blessings to the newly married couple!) Unfortunately for them and fortunately for me, the blessings of kaliyug are such that my yogic force is continuously growing inside me, maybe more for a body to handle in this environment of present yugand no shishya to take it from me.

The path to shaktipath is actually so simple, all you have to do is:Dhyan moolam guru murti, puja moolam guru padam, mantra moolam guru vakyam, moksha moolam guru kripa,and you can take all that I have. But I know, most probably, it would all go back into creation and my so-called shishyaswould keep wondering even after I leave my body that why I could not pass on what I have to anyone. Today I can realise the plight of Ramkrishna Paramhans, Satyanand and SwamijiMaharaj of Datiya, which is why this phenomenal force was lost back in creation and could do nothing for Creation.

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