As Lord Hanuman lies across the ocean to do the karya of Shri Ram, he is tested on the way. Mainak Mountain offers itself for Hanuman ji to take rest on the long journey, he humbly denies and moves ahead. Surasa Rakshas comes along the way, to feed on him. He manages to get inside her mouth and get out on time. She reveals her true form as Nagamata and gives her blessings. Hanumanji is again interrupted by another sea monster, whom he slays and moves on. He is unstoppable.
He arrives at the gate of Lanka when the sun sets. He changes his form to the size of an insect and tries to get inside, but is spotted by the gatekeeper. His entry is denied and he is told to return back to where he came from. On hearing this, Hanumanji shows his huge form and strikes her. The guard is taken aback, recalling she was told by Lord Brahma that a vaanar would come and show his true potential.
On entering Lanka, Hanuman ji tries to locate Sitaji and inds her at Ashok Vatika.
Seeing her state, his eyes are
illed with tears. Hiding
behind the tree where Sita ji is sitting alone grieving, Hanuman ji watches as Ravan arrives
and tries to convince her
to become his Queen. She refuses, taking the name
of Shri Ram. The king is infuriated and returns back
to his palace, commanding
the daasis to convince her. He warns them that if they fail to do so, they will face death as punishment.
Sitaji is troubled by them until she is saved by Trijata, the rakshas guard who serves as her companion. She is left alone again, where she wonders when will Shri Ram come to get her out of this suffering. Suddenly, she hears someone reciting the tale of
Shri Ram.
Out of nowhere emerges Hanuman ji, the size of a child whose presence leaves her in surprise.

She presumes that he is one of the men sent by Ravana. Hanuman ji then passes her the ring of Shri Ram. To make her believe, he tells her the story behind it. He also tells her about how her belongings fell upon the mountains of Kishkinda and was informed to Lord Sugreeva, who then passed it to Shri Ram on his meeting. He mentions that Lord Sugreeva has sent his army in all directions to search for her and that he has been fortunate to ind her. He tells Sitaji to come along with him, as he can make his form big and ly her across the ocean to the mainland, without any harm.
Sitaji refuses — saying that it is the karya of Shri Ram to do that. Until then, she will be waiting. Hanuman ji takes her blessings. Hope restores within her. He then decides to send a message to the
people of Lanka before leaving
to meet his

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