From Darkness To Light

Human body is the only dimension where one can move from darkness to light – Tamso maa jyotir gamaya. When you look at the night sky, what is it that catc... Continue Reading

Twenty-One Mukhi Rudraksha An...

This Rudraksha is characterised by twenty-one faces and lips. It is said to be blessed by Lord Kuber and hence is considered a harbinger of ...

An Enemy Called Desire

When Arjun asks Lord Krishna what is it that drives men to commit to sin, at times even involuntarily, Lord Krishna repl...

Cattle Protection: In Bharat aka Hindustan aka India

Macaulay in his infamous ‘Minute’ in 1835 changed the course of how Bharat (or India as we call it now) would be perceived by it... Continue Reading

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Yoga For Arthritis

Most arthritis patients take to physiotherapists for treatment, unaware that the problem in fact has psychosomatic origins. Arthritis is ess... Continue Reading

Travel To Haridwar

Ganga has been called as the tirath of kaliyug. This tirath is fast receding. It is said that once Ganga retreats completely, kaliyug will e... Continue Reading