Pacific’s experience of Guru

It was Guru Poornima sandhya and I was standing on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, normally a very violent ocean with huge waves and strong winds, but on that ... Continue Reading

Yogsutra of Patanjali Samadhi...

Samadhi Paad Yogsutra 30 – vyaadhi styaan sanshay pramaad aalasya avirati bhraantidarshan alabdh-bhumikatv anavasthitvaani chitta-viks...

Shri Trayambakeshwar

Centuries ago Lord Shiv is said to have revealed Himself to his true devotees in the form of a jyoti or a light. On thei...

Dharma is protecting the weak

While growing up we all have read of stories with morals about brave men and women who always stood up for justice and fought selflessly. Th... Continue Reading

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Super Foods

Food is integral to one’s health and well being. Certain foods have been characterised as superfoods, as they have immense nutritional... Continue Reading


A Guru’s capacity is unlimited for a shishya. From excelling in life to accessing the dimensions that lie beyond, there is nothing imp... Continue Reading

Shiv Tattva

The word ‘tattva’ translates as element, something which is created and not the Creator. Everything that is created is composed ... Continue Reading

Indian Aromas

Sense of smell is the first to develop in a human being. It is the most prominent sense in the animal world. In the etheric body, it pertain... Continue Reading

Black and White

  The highest colour in Creation is sparkling white. The lowest colour is black. No matter what colour you add to black, it cannot turn... Continue Reading

Chakra beej asan

Yog is not about twisting and turning yourself into knots and complicated postures, yog taps into the power of consciousness. As you practic... Continue Reading