Nandi: Everything you need to know

Nandi is not just a bull, it is an energy. Just like Lord Shiv is not a man, he is the energy that holds Creation. Nandi is the foremost guardian of the temples... Continue Reading

Yogsutras of Patanjali: Samad...

Patanjali details the forms of gunas, Visheshaavisheshalingamaatraalingaani gunaparvaani   Dhyaan: dhyan Vishesh: particular, specific ...

Mario and Maya

All of you must have played the game of Mario at some point in life. Mario collects the coins, kills the dragon and resc...

God Dwells Where Women Are Honoured

A woman is an embodiment of Shakti — the energy that drives the Creation. It is a misconception, amongst many others, that women were oppres... Continue Reading

Concept of marriage
Detachment In War
Brilliance of Indus

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I Saved Him, Not

Four years ago I, a practicing physician and cardiologist, was into heavy gymming. It was my passion to have a muscular physique. I had a yo... Continue Reading