The Path Of Least Resistance

Do you want to achieve the finality or supreme reality? If yes, then read on. Lets do a small experiment. Go to a field or any open space. Mark any one spot as ... Continue Reading

Yogsutras Of Patanjali

Patanjali now explains how even pleasure is in fact pain only, Parinaamataapasanskaaradukhairgunavrittivirodhaachch dukhamev sarvam vivekina...

A Havan In 18th Century Punjab

Havans are a medium to interact with the world of energy. Often people confuse them to be a ritual practice that is typi...

Concept of marriage

The Creation is run on the principle of balance between the opposites – darkness and light, black and white, sound and silence, positi... Continue Reading

Detachment In War
Brilliance of Indus
Universal Consciousness

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Photo Pollution

“You would not believe your eyes, if ten million fireflies lit up the world as I fell asleep” this line from a famous song titled ‘Fir... Continue Reading



‘Our ancients communicated by word of mouth, often just in thoughts and even when they chose to write, they chose nature – stone and c... Continue Reading