Shanti, Karma And A Rat

Shiv has his state because he is shant (at peace). If Shiv is not shant, there is parlay (destruction). And Shiv is inside you. So if there is ashanti inside yo... Continue Reading

Yogsutra Of Patanjali

2.1 Tapah svadhyay-eshvarpranidhaanaani kriyayogah Tapah: Penance Svadhyay: Self-study Ishvar Pranidhaan: Surrender to Divine Kriya: Action/...

Vaastu: The Ancient Science Of D...

Vedas were revealed to the rishis as they moved into silence, away from the noise of the physical world governed by the ...

World Had Suffered Atomic Explosion Before World War 2

Hiroshima and Nagasaki will always be remembered for being attacked by atomic bombs, fired by the US in the Second World War. These are the ... Continue Reading

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Travel to Prayag

Ganga has been called as the tirath of kaliyug. This tirath is fast receding. It is said that once Ganga retreats completely, kaliyug will e... Continue Reading