Guru An Enigma

Kartik Purnima happens to be the birth jayanti of one of the greatest Gurus of modern times, Guru Nanak. Processions and lightings are a visible galore.  This y... Continue Reading


Mathematics and Vedas

“Yathaa Shikha Mayuranaam, Naaganammanayoyatha Tadvadvedaangasaastranaam Ganitammoordhanistitham” This sloka, as mentioned in the Vedaanga J...

Keeping Time With The Rishis

Indians, since ancient times, have forayed into almost all disciplines of knowledge, particularly, sciences like Physics...


Of The Shaktis That Run The Creation

The Creation is governed by certain shaktis. As you progress in yog sadhna, you are able to experience their forms. Every day, each one of t... Continue Reading

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Reality Untouched

The rays from the setting September sun bounced off the shimmering surface of the water in iridescent splendour as I looked out over the hor... Continue Reading


Healthy Curry

Kadi patta or curry leaf is a staple in Indian dishes. There is more to the humble curry leaf than simply flavour. Curry leaves are packed w... Continue Reading