Nandi: Everything you need to know

Nandi is not just a bull, it is an energy. Just like Lord Shiv is not a man, he is the energy that holds Creation. Nandi is the foremost guardian of the temples... Continue Reading


Akshayvat: The Indestructible...

On the banks of Yamuna, in the historic city of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, stands the Akshayvat, or the Indestructible Banyan, the roots of w...

YogSutras Of Patanjali: Sadhan P...

Patanjali details the nature, form and purpose of drishya, Prakaashakriyaasthitisheelam bhootendriyaatmakam bhogaapavarg...

God Dwells Where Women Are Honoured

A woman is an embodiment of Shakti — the energy that drives the Creation. It is a misconception, amongst many others, that women were oppres... Continue Reading

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I Saved Him, Not

Four years ago I, a practicing physician and cardiologist, was into heavy gymming. It was my passion to have a muscular physique. I had a yo... Continue Reading