Tvarye tushte aham tushtah, kupite kupitastvaham | tvattah priyataro nasti mamanyo dvijpungva || (From Varah Purana) Says Lord Shiv to Nandi... Continue Reading


Madhubani, literally translates as ‘from the forests of honey’, and refers to the traditional wall art of the ancient city of Mithila (prese... Continue Reading


yogsutra – Vibhuti Paad, Yogsutra 3

Patanjali details the 7th limb of ashtang yoga, तदेवार्थमात्रनिर्भासं स्वरूपशून्यमिव समाधिः॥३॥ Tadevaarthamaatranirbhaasam svarupashunyamiva... Continue Reading

What is Yog?

Yog is being in union with yourself. Verbally, I cannot explain, you need to go through certain experiences, which will make you come face t... Continue Reading


In Ayurveda, two conditions, known as Ardhaavabheda (half sided headache) and Anantavaata (meaning literally the unilateral pain) resemble t... Continue Reading

Problems and Yog

There are two kinds of people who get into yog. One kind is, those with problems (physical, financial, emotional etc.). Theyjust line up to ... Continue Reading


The puranas narrate the episode having faced defeat for the asur army at the hands of devas, daitya guru Shukracharya approaches Lord Shiv t... Continue Reading