Shrieks in Darkness


When a body is formed, there are two aspects to it. First is the physical when the sperm meets ova, cell is conceived and the body comprising of five elements is formed. Next is consciousness the soul enters the body. At that time, the soul has the liberty to go in and out. So it visits and it also has the ability to carry you with it…

One day I was on duty at the hospital. In the ICU lying on different beds were infants who were preterm. On many occasions I have read/heard accounts of interactions of sadhaks with various beings, I thought to myself, ‘let me also try interacting with one of these babies.’


It was late in the night, nobody was around. I closed my eyes and focussed on one baby. I established a connection with its soul. What followed, was a hair raising experience.

Suddenly I could feel pitch darkness all around me. I could hear terrible shrieks and screams. Nothing was visible, just shrill noises in absolute darkness. It seemed as if these souls (to whom the noises belonged) were tied in depths of darkness and were crying for release, but release wasn’t coming to them.

My eyes opened out of fear. At that time my gaze fell on the child who I had connected with. That very instant, his eyes also opened and he started staring at me. I saw an evil smile on his tiny face, as if he was telling me ‘I have broken free from that darkness, do you want to go there?’

I started sweating profusely. Scared for my life I ran out of the ICU. It took me a long time to muster courage to enter the room again, what to do, I had duty…

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