Ram navami

Chaitra Shukla Navami : April 2, 2020


Ram Navami, falling on ninth day of waxing moon in the month of Chaitra, also the last day of the Chaitra Navratras, marks the day of manifestation of energy of Ram on earth. Ram, is a symbolic representation of the positivity in creation and took birth to restore order within the entire creation. During the time of his birth, Ram Navami, the astral constellations were such that a phenomenal force could take a body. And a similar astral constellation returns on this date, making it the time of a very powerful vortex of energy for all those who choose to benefit from it.

Hanuman Jayanti

Chaitra Purnima: April 8, 2020

There is a famous episode from the life of Hanuman, where as a child he swallows the sun. Surya is the epitome of gyan, in being inside Hanuman, it is indicative of all the gyan of creation residing in this mighty energy. Hanuman Jayanti marks the day when this phenomenal shakti took an earthly form. The energy of Hanuman exists on earth even today, but in a semi-dormant form, as there is no one to awaken it. Hanuman Jayanti is powerful day to awaken the force of Hanuman, through specific mantras and yagya, as prescribed by your Guru. This normally has the effect of wish fulfilment.

Akshay tritiya

Vaishakha Shukla Tritiya: April 26, 2020

Akshay Tritiya falls on the third day of waxing moon in the month of Vaishakha and has witnessed many historic events associated with the advent of the force of Lord Vishnu on Earth. It is the birthday of Parashuram, who was also the Lord’s incarnation. On this day, an invocation to Vishnu will never go empty, he will bless and fulfil your earthly desires. We don’t know when and how buying of gold etc came to be associated with it, seems like companies who are in greeting cards business innovate mother’s day, father’s day etc to sell emotions to the gullible, their counterparts have probably hit upon the idea to sell gold calling it auspicious. Buying gold is auspicious any day as it indicates you are prospering. But it is important to do Vishnu sadhnas on this day and spend time in ishvar pranidhan and try for the betterment of your birth through practices like Sanatan Kriya.

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