yogsutra – Vibhuti Paad, Yogsutra 3


Patanjali details the 7th limb of ashtang yoga,

तदेवार्थमात्रनिर्भासं स्वरूपशून्यमिव समाधिः॥३॥


Tadevaarthamaatranirbhaasam svarupashunyamiva samaadhih 03

Tad: that (practice of Dhyan)

Eva: the same

Artha: essence

Maatra: only

Nirbhaasam: shining forth

Svarupa: form

Shunyam: nothingness

Iva: like, as if

Samaadhih: samadhi

When there is awareness of just the object of Dhyan, and the Swaroop of chitta becomes like shunya,  the Dhyan becomes Samadhi.

There is a merger with creation, but at levels. It is a constant endeavor. Never think that you have reached the finality, samadhi is not finality, because there still exists something beyond…there is no finality to infinity. That is why, ek tatva nirantar abhyas. Always remember, this is not it – there is something beyond, which you cannot see since you are limited, your Guru can…and he will always make you rise higher

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