There are two kinds of people who get into yog. One kind is, those with problems (physical, financial, emotional etc.). Theyjust line up to godmen in the hope that they’ll find the solutions here. This is one kind of searcher, looking for answers to their own problems, who move towards yog. These are short timers, because once they get what they’re looking for (which is something very physical), they stop and get out of it.

The other kind is, those who never have problems; they never start the process with a problem.  There is a quest somewhere deep inside them of knowing who they actually are, what is the purpose, why are they here.  That makes them embark on a journey of self-discovery, a fraction out of these become yogis, the maximum lot get misplaced on the way.


Anybody who comes with some sort of emotional congestion, that problem will just fade away…Why? Because what can the problem be maximum? Whatever it is, yog just starts from there, you know.  The day you that first step, simply hold the hand of Guru, that problem, whatever it is, will cease to exist. Everything that is heavy, negative, is left behind. Why? Because that specific force does not allow anything negative to even come near it.  

The philosophy is very simple: If you’re supposed to go higher, whatever is heavy has to leave you. Gurus don’t judge what is heavy and what is not. If by following the gyan given by Guru, certain things are leaving you, that means those things were not good for you.

The other day, someone talked about how Swami SatyanandParamhans smokes a hookah.  Now, he is a true yogi, and if somebody, at that level, is smoking a hookah, he is not doing it to get high.  He’s doing it because he wants to, that’s it. It doesn’t affect him…Or consider Jain munis…They don’t even wear clothes on them, and yet if they want a million pounds, it’ll come to them within a minute. Have they divorced themselves from maya? No, they haven’t. They have gradually progressed, one step at a time, to rise above it completely, such that it doesn’t affect them.  They control it, it doesn’t control them.

This the way of the sadhna, it is very simple. You don’t leave anything or anybody. Whatever is heavy, gross, distorted, negative, will leave you as you gradually progress. That doesn’t mean you don’t have access to it; it doesn’t have access to you.

My job is to impart, what I have been handed down by my Guru, to those who want it.  I can tell you the teachings, the philosophies, the dos and the don’ts. After that, it’s your life, your journey…


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