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Straight from the Anahad


Yoga is the sum total of Creation. A para-subject, which has in its ambit all the other subjects and sciences, rightly called as the final f... Continue Reading


Ego takes you away from yog, from your Guru. It makes you a traitor in the spiritual world. In every aspect of life, there is energy which s... Continue Reading

Truth Lies

Satya or truth is among the basic principles of Ashtanga Yoga. Patanjali’s Yogsutras clearly prohibit lying. The Yogsutras are extreme... Continue Reading

Pranic Tremors

Prana is the essence of manifest Creation. It may be understood as a frequency, a vibration. Prana first exists as a thought, which manifest... Continue Reading

Makar Sakranti

Our entire life is linked to two energies – that of sun (surya) and of moon (chandra). Surya is the devta of gyan. Its shakti is Gayatriji, ... Continue Reading

A Taste Of Hell

Modern science and yogic science both agree on this point that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Also, we know that energy ca... Continue Reading


Human existence is not limited to the human body that is perceivable by the five senses, neither is human form the ultimate, nor is Bhuloka,... Continue Reading

Guru An Enigma

Kartik Purnima happens to be the birth jayanti of one of the greatest Gurus of modern times, Guru Nanak. Processions and lightings are a vis... Continue Reading

Sands of Time

Do you know when Suraiyya died? Do you know when Dev Anand died? Do you know when K L Sehgal died? Or when Rajesh Khanna died? Or do you rem... Continue Reading