Emotions Keep You Glued


Inherent nature of Creation is destruction. Call it corrosion or rusting or weathering or wearing out or simply ageing, body or anything constituted of five elements is deteriorating. The rate of this deterioration, however, can be slowed down and the distance travelled by the being in the body elongated. Yog and Ayurved, in general, and Sanatan Kriya in particular, carve out the process for the same.

Ayurveda describes the ageing process in the body as sukra naash, or loss of the vital fluid. There are four primary reasons for rapid loss of sukra from the body – anger, excessive physical labour, sexual indulgence and emotional congestion. In this article, we will touch upon the topic of emotions and their role in deterioration of body and deceleration of the journey of spirit.


Emotions tie you to people, things or events for which you carry those emotions. Once you are tied, can you move ahead?

Think of a fan with a rope tied to it. The fan will move, but the speed will reduce. Add more ropes and it will run even slower. As more and more ropes get attached, there will come a point that the fan will stop moving, it will make noise and there will be short circuit. Same is the case with emotional attachments (ropes) and your chakras (fan). When there is a short circuit in the chakra, you go back one dimension, that is, you devolve to a lower more painful birth. There is no effect on the ropes and the things they were tied to. You however regress, and your lifespan shortens. Ageing sets in, senses dull. And the things for which you let this happen leave you anyway.

Just visit an ICU sometime and ask the patients there – who is it that they are remembering or what are they thinking about. Each one would be remembering the doctor and wishing for a way to somehow make the pain go away. All relations forgotten.

Clairvoyantly attachments are perceived as a ‘sticky’ feel. The more glue you have, the more attached you are. And this glue is emotions. Keep your focus on the Guru tattva and begin the process of detachment. Even one attachment is enough to keep you off the path and tie you to another painful birth. If glue inside you doesn’t reduce, you will keep attracting attachments and move away from your Guru and path, into lower dimensions.

Whatever you have will leave one day for certain. And when I say whatever, I mean whatever, no exceptions, including your body. Closest things will give you maximum pain when they leave. This happens because of avidya, which is wrong notion about what is yours and what is not. A Guru’s job is to open your bondages and give you vidya and dispel the darkness, pain and disease in your life, which is caused primarily by attachments. Find a Guru and he will awaken you to the presence of Gods and Goddesses and pull you out of your pains, simply by lighting up your life with vidya/gyan. Find a Guru.


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