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Janmashtmi is celebrated all over the country as birth of Krishna. If you look around, do you see anyone walking the path of Krishna? Yet, every person goes to temple on the day, fearing god will get upset. Have you celebrated Vaman or Narsingh avatar in this manner? No.

Think about it, something that happened 5000 years back, we are busy celebrating that…Is the birth of Vishnu in a body on earth such a big thing? Vishnu, who bears the weight of the entire Creation, is sarvvyapi, he is present in every spec. Where is he not?


So then why do we celebrate Janmashtmi?

Janmashtmi is the day of birth, and the birth is yours. You are not born as yet, you have to take birth.

We live in the fallacy that we have taken birth and this fallacy is extremely painful because shamshaan is waiting to destroy this myth. What we call as birth is only a process we are going through, the process called journey of the spirit. The present body is a mere vehicle, and the body is constantly changing form. It may be understood as a gestation period. Just like when a baby is in the womb for nine months, it is changing form. What is commonly understood as birth is the starting of this gestation period of our journey. Some will take birth after this gestation period, others will have a miscarriage.

Krishna, Vaman, Narsingh, Indra, etc. are different manifestations of energy. In higher practices of Sanatan Kriya, one is able to directly interact with such energies. And in one such interaction, the devs clearly indicated to the sadhak that there are only two places for the beings of present yug – the pits of Pataal lok or Shiv dham. There is nothing in between.  Gestation period is opportunity to create a body that is worthy of Shiv dham, that’s the only option now. Birth is yet to happen.

On the day of Janmashtmi we do yagya, homa or seva to secure our birth in Shiv dham. We invoke the Mother Goddess and request her to give birth to us. But, she can also only do it, if our karmas allow.

Just take a look at what the world has come to – animals are hung upside down, burnt alive, poisoned, humans are abused, environment is destroyed. If in present time, we think making jhankis and ringing bells will complete our karm, we are grossly mistaken. Every time we give pain to someone or turn our back to someone in pain, we add weight to our body. The more the weight, the lower one sinks into the pits of Pataal.

As a Guru, it is my duty to put you on the path of birth in Shiv Dham. To prevent the miscarriage, which is bound to happen if you don’t change your ways. On the day of  Janmashtmi do swadhyay, and prepare for birth.

Har Har Mahadev

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Yogi Ashwini

Yogi Ashwini

Yogi Ashwini is adept in the ancient sciences of Yog, Tantra, Spiritual Healing, Mantra-Chanting, Yagya, Past Life, Art of Mace and Vedic Martial Arts. With an Honours in Economics, a Masters in Management and a successful business, he is an eminent writer for leading dailies and journals, an acclaimed speaker internationally,author of global bestsellers on ancient sciences. After studying the being for decades, spending years in silence and having interacted with the Himalayan masters, Yogi Ashwini propounded the Sanatan Kriya, an assimilation of the eight limbs of Patanjali Ashtang Yog. The sheer magnetism of his persona and radiance he exudes, even at 50, and the experiences one gets just by being in his presence, are enough proof of the efficacy of practice. His two decades of pioneering research on anti-ageing, published in the book ‘Sanatan Kriya: The Ageless Dimension’, has found validation in the recent studies by leading international universities. Thousands have benefited physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually from the practice of Sanatan Kriya, which is taught across the globe free of cost. He runs nearly 14 schools for street children,funds education of blind girls at NAB, organises food distribution camps, generates employment for underprivileged, feeds stray animals at more than 100 centres daily and gives medical help to all those who come to him…humans or animals.

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