Nandi: Everything you need to know


Nandi is not just a bull, it is an energy. Just like Lord Shiv is not a man, he is the energy that holds Creation.

Nandi is the foremost guardian of the temples of the Lord Shiv. Its job is to facilitate your passage into Shiv dham. Feeding and protecting it gives the boon of limitless bounties and good health.


Today one finds Nandi being tied by the limbs, chillies stuffed n eyes, crammed into trucks laden for slaughter or by the side of the load left to eat plastic and sanitary waste from open garbage dumps…

It is said that when the breed of the Nandi will perish, so will planet earth and all its inhabitants. Therefore, it becomes important to protect it.

Nandi has a boon, that if you whisper something in its ear, it reaches Lord Shiv straight. This is not a myth.

What you whisper in the ear of Nandi is indeed heard by Lord Shiv. Many sadhaks at Dhyan Ashram have experimented with the phenomenon and found it to be true. BUT there is a catch in the phenomenon…

Creation is governed by certain laws, law of karma is foremost amongst them. You reap what you sow, this is a law, and even devas and Nandi cannot change it.

So when you whisper in the ear of Nandi, you are given what you asked for, as a trade off your karmas, then also that things manifests, but then something else that you have, is taken away from you, to even out the karmas.

Whatever you have or do not have, wherever you are or are not, is mapped by your karmas. Every problem you face is because of your karmas and so is every pleasure that comes your way.

Key us to generate that karma. Whispering in the ear of Nandi will play out the karmas you have earned but to earn the karma you need to work – save animals, feed the poor, nurse the sick, protect the environment.

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