From Darkness To Light


Human body is the only dimension where one can move from darkness to light – Tamso maa jyotir gamaya.

When you look at the night sky, what is it that catches your attention first? The moon. Why? Because it is the brightest. Sun, moon, stars are all gods and goddesses and the universe is full of them. Some of them are in light, them you can see. Others are in darkness. When you go in deep states of dhyan you are able to interact with them, and you actually see the pits of darkness they are in and the pain they experience because we got this chance, a human body, to move from darkness to light. They also got a chance, but lived a selfish life, hence are in darkness. Sanatan Kriya gives you the ability to see their dimensions.


To get a first-hand experience of this darkness, sit in a closed cupboard such that not even a ray of light can enter. Ask someone to lock it from outside and lock the room and not open it for 3-4 hours, no matter how much you shout or bang at the door. In that pitch dark where you can barely breathe or see your own hands, when you get scared and shout for help, remember your karmas and ask yourself how many people have you pulled out of darkness? Why should you be freed from darkness? 

A similar interaction is carried out with those beings in darkness as one intercepts them in dhyan. They also shout and call out for help.

But why do these beings call out to you?

When you do good for people, you develop a glow inside you. Gita says a life led only for self-gratification is a life of sin. Do something good for someone, you will start to glow. And the entire Brahmand can see you like glow-worms. The more are your good karmas, the greater is the glow, more are the gods that can see you and the more you evolve. Because all said and done, when you see someone in pain, you do get at least one thought that he/she should be saved. And, energy follows thought. When you think, your voice is heard and god saves them. Similarly when gods see you glow, they also think to do something for you.  You are chosen by them. Your thought manifests for them and their thought manifests for you.

This is the principle.

The gods can’t see your face or property or car. You can’t see their dimension, they can’t see yours. You see them as light and they also see you as light. When you see light, e.g. in Surya Samyam you look at the sun’s glow and you feel gratitude towards the sun. That makes the sun evolve. Similarly when gods see your light, they feel gratitude towards you and you rise.

Increase that glow within you. Change your thoughts from lower (selfish) to higher (selfless), and the gods will take notice of you and choose you. Yoga is a tool for evolution; Sanatan Kriya is a part of it. Experience is the key in this journey from darkness to light.


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