Let procrastination take a back seat and selfless love and care for environment emerge


The universal shift in the energies and frequent changes in the environment are resulting in sudden depletion of nature and its natural resources. Even though the deteriorating environmental condition does not remain hidden from anybody yet noticing such a change often makes us feel miserable.

Mother Earth today stands at a very pitiable juncture and yet we seem to turn a blind eye to it, sitting back in our virtual world. The question then that confronts us today is how long can we continue to live in a completely virtual world with total misfits in the world outside; isn’t it time to stand up and serve the mother that has been feeding us all this while? As youngsters and as the ‘Agents of Change’, shouldn’t we awaken the collective consciousness of the masses and render our selfless services to this environment?


The hour has come when we need to align our efforts towards creating an environment that is healthy and pure – inside and out. Being involved in altruistic activities and meditation not only replenishes our positive energy but also creates a meaningful environment around us.

Youngsters today have already started focusing their attention towards creating an eco-friendly environment with many Go-Green initiatives on the rise, but a lot still remains to be done. Powerful chants and mass healing calls for instant attention, also more spiritual sessions should be organized to help the human race reach the next level.

Only with mass awareness and sincere determination can one seek to create a difference. With combined efforts and blessings from the divine, this battle can also be won because the earth seeks a redressal and it has chosen to give this opportunity to the youth of today.

In the end, all that can be said is the earth is where we take only temporary residence, so why not make the stay valuable and meaningful. Let us unite to bring about this change, a change with the potential to overpower all negatives. Let procrastination be wiped off and only determination to ‘serve’ remain in our hearts and minds.

So how do we do this?

  • By adopting green living habits through participation in healthier initiatives like planting trees, ‘keeping the city clean’ drives, educating people on the advantages of recycling and the harmful effects of improper use of plastic etc. Also, healthy eating habits and purity in thoughts should form an integral component of any individual’s life today including the youth
  • Indulging in weekend organic drives that focus on imparting education to farmers on the harmful effects of pesticides and chemicals. Also spreading awareness on the advantages of living and eating organic
  • Feeding the hungry – human beings and animals
  • Finally, being the change you wish to see in the world. If you feel the need to do something for the environment, do it now rather than waiting for the ‘RIGHT TIME’!

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TIW Bureau

TIW Bureau

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