As a journalist with a leading publication I get to experience luxury at its best (it’s part of the job profile). I was sent on one such assignment recently. A leading hotel in the country known as a spa resort invited select journalists to experience their new tie-up with a wellness company. The brand they had brought to the country was headquartered in Spain. Our experience with the brand began with a session where we were made to smell the essential oils. The founder was presenting it himself and the oils were sourced from all parts of the globe. The quality was high; he was honest that while the origins are natural he cannot vouch for their organic nature. He also pointed out that ECOCERT certification that most of us look for in products allows 5 per cent chemicals to be present in the product. His products he claimed had no chemicals in them. Then he began talking about benefits of flowers how their properties help women deal with everything from infertility to regular and pain-less menstruation. Just depends on which flower and in what way essences of different flowers are mixed. He said it was a lot like our ayurvedic rasa system. A small bottle of Bulgarian rose essential oil was being retailed at Rs 86,000. So far, so good.

Things took an interesting turn when he said he can take a polarity test and tell us (without any medical instruments) what area of the body is affected. Not only that he can also with a crystal pendulum determine the size of our chakras and tell us what oil to use to rectify defects. We were asked to take the test one by one.


First, the polarity test. You hold a magnet in one hand and on the other you join a finger and your thumb, which the tester (in this case the founder) will try to pull apart. I was diagnosed as 5 degrees Yin (feminine) energy, which he said was good as a woman. Next organs were checked. Everything was clear, even my stomach, which was impossible, as not being used to eating out, having dinner at the hotel the previous day, had made me very sick. He claimed, my body had self-repaired itself. So, what needed correction? He said indicating to my solar plexus and said I suffered from stress. Anyone who knows me can tell you otherwise. And I asked him to look at me and tell me where was there any stress on my face? He said it was hidden stress. Also my right ovary had issues. Interestingly, one of the journalists was told her lungs are clear and everything is ok, however, she has chronic asthma and had to use the nebulizer multiple times since she had been there. No one knew about it. She too was told she has only stress problems and her left ovary had issues. After speaking with the other journalists I realised that majority were told that they had stress and either the left or the right ovary has problems.

Next came the pendulum test. He would take the pendulum to all your chakras and if the pendulum made a big circle (and he moved the pendulum), it indicated a big chakra, if it didn’t move, the chakra had issues. My diagnosis: agya, vishuddhi and anahad — big. Lower chakras very small, to not there. In yogic terms this would mean I am a highly evolved soul. But I know that my lower chakras are active (you can find out basis the thoughts you get, and don’t need a pendulum to tell you). His diagnosis of this was the most astounding in fact. He said, I needed to awaken my swadhisthan (in charge of the reproductive organs, catches sexual thoughts). In the present inactive state, it was showing that I had under confidence. He recommended expensive oils that I needed to buy to rectify it. Once the chakra was awakened he said, my face would glow. The other journalists too were told similar things. Everything ended with purchasing expensive oils and activation of the swadhisthan.

It is amazing how this Spanish gent was peddling cures preying on women’s emotions and desire to look young and glowing. The true glow comes not from creams and oils but through the practice of yoga under a Guru, something I have personally experienced in years of practicing the Sanatan Kriya. When I started, I was a pale and weak teenager harboring all kinds of ailments, and today I am well into my thirties, all problems vanished and my peers tell me I have never looked better (though the Spaniard would beg to differ). On the flip side, one would say because I saw the oil, I got ok.

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