The Vanishing Act


A miracle is actually a fact of nature, which is beyond the capacity of the normal mind to interpret. As you grow in yoga, miracles become a way of life for you… But then for you they are not miracles anymore but simple laws of nature which you now understand and use for aiding the positive forces of creation to make this world a happy place to live in, and in the process, you too go beyond.

The purpose of yog is not to cure disease or illness, or have more fun in the physical life, rather it is to untie the bondages of maya that keep you glued to the physical. A spiritual path leads you to dimensions beyond the physical, giving you access to the world of energy. As you take your first steps on the path of sadhna and hold the hand of your Guru, you experience certain miracles and physical benefits. The purpose however is to tell you that there exists something beyond that is controlling the physical. After that, it is on you to take the plunge or become a mere audience…


For over four months, l experienced intense stomach ache every time I consumed food. I consulted a gastroenterologist who prescribed medicines for two weeks but the pain did not subside and I continued to suffer. I subsequently underwent an endoscopy which revealed that I was suffering from Hiatus Hernia. The doctor prescribed medicines for two weeks and told me that after completing the dosage, the pain could disappear but there was no certainty of that happening. There was no alternative cure either. Diet control was suggested and I was, in particular, told not to consume coconut.

I had been reading Yogi Ashwiniji’s articles in the newspapers, had read all his books and had this intense desire of meeting him. As fate would have it, Yogiji was scheduled to visit Bangalore November end. I was overjoyed and booked my tickets from Coimbatore to Bangalore and attended the Sanatan Kriya session held on the 29th of November last year under Yogiji’s guidance. After that session, I had a miraculous, life altering experience as my pain just disappeared! I have also started taking coconut oil everyday before breakfast without any adverse effects.

I did not disclose about my ailment to any volunteer or even Yogiji, despite him asking the participants about their problems. When I wrote an email to Yogiji thanking him for giving us the Sanatan Kriya, He asked me about my ailment.  I was really surprised as to how he knew about it when I had not shared this with anybody!

Life is healthier now and I am able to live.

Guest Author

Guest Author

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  1. Amazing! This is Guru’s grace. It’s a matter of privilege for sadhaks that they have the opportunity to learn spiritual lessons from Living Master, Yogi Ashwiniji.

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