Angry Young People! Improve Your Karma For Happier Life


60-65 years ago, it was young India that drove the oppressors out of the country and engaged in nation building; today the same youth is glued to laptops or television screens and is characterised by weak eyesight, dull complexion, diseased body, bent spine and a general lack of vigour and energy. Yogically, it is a symptom of lack of the vital fluid, sukra, in the body – the same sukra, which with the right practice of yoga translates into tej and ojas, rendering the yogis their phenomenal glow and attraction and enabling them to achieve superhuman feats. The factors that expedite the loss of sukra are myriad, the four primary ones being – emotional congestion, excessive physical labour, overindulgence in sexual activities and anger…

Our world is a harmonious place. Everything here works in tandem with one another to maintain the delicate balance of the universe and humans are perhaps the most incredible aspect of it. But most of you would agree with me on the fact that humans today have also become the most dangerous aspect of this creation. We are turning this world from harmony to chaos.


Everywhere around us, there is violence and crime. Day by day we are doing away with the very qualities that separate us humans from animals. And the saddest part is that it is the youth who is faced with the most atrocities.

Youth violence is one of the most pressing issues today. It is the youth who will be the bearers of the world tomorrow and if their moral compass doesn’t point in the right direction, it is a cause for concern! The term youth violence doesn’t only refer to young offenders, but also to all the youngsters who fall victim to such crimes. Human values all over the world are declining rapidly and recent cases like the Connecticut school shooting and the Delhi gang rape case make it pretty clear that humanity is on the road towards its end, even if the world may not have come to an end in December 2012.

Many causes have been identified for such behaviour, stress being the foremost. Poverty, unemployment, rapid increase in the standards of living, portrayal of violence and crime in the movies and on TV, lack of proper moral education, family violence and discord, breakdown of law and order, easy availability of weapons in some places, lack of mental health awareness etc. cause anger and frustration amongst the people, causing them to lash out in different ways, wherever they can find an escape!

Road rage, physical assault, gang violence, verbal abuse etc. are some of the many consequences of the above mentioned stress faced by young men and women today. Even the smallest incidents can incite murder.

Non-violence has always been considered a part of civilized society and as a path to spiritual awakening, then why is it that violence and aggression define the world today? Turn to any newspaper and you will find it abound with news on crime. We have gone so far away from our roots, from the very nature of harmony, that the way back isn’t even visible any more.

We need to get a hold of the situation now and that cannot be done unless we realize that our actions have consequences for others as well as ourselves. The universe runs on the principle of karma, and so what you give you shall get back. Youth violence and crime not only affect a community’s economic health, but an individual’s physical and mental health and well-being as well. The sooner we realize this, the better it will be.

Your Turn

The seeds of how you shape up as an individual are sown in the early years of your life. Therefore it is important to instill the right values and morals in the children from a very young age. Here are some easy ways to do this:

  • Providing appropriate examples to the children on how to deal with life situations and the consequences of specific actions and behaviours by exposing them to texts like the Panchatantra.
  • Developing sensitivity towards creation in the kids at an early age by encouraging interaction with nature through activities like taking care of plants, feeding the birds etc.

Making regular visits to gaushalas with the kids. The cow is a highly evolved creature, revered across cultures – an association with this animal has an extremely positive effect on the growth and development of an individual. It is said that if you feed the cows and they lick your head, then your hidden mental abilities fructify – it was true for the great Saint Kabir, his poetic abilities manifested only once he was licked by a cow on the forehead.


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