Illegal smuggling of cattle and their exploitation is at a National High. Cattle with their tails and horns broken, limbs tied, chilli and pepper rubbed in eyes and rear, are forced to stand up with bleeding hooves, starved for days and months and succumb to all kinds of diseases and injuries being stuffed in trucks. Calves are separated from mothers, often slaughtered in front of their eyes. Mafia injects metals in them so they eat less and their voice is muffled

From all across the country, cattle in miserable state make their way to borders, and from here they are smuggled to Bangladesh, mostly through rivers using banana shoots to keep them afloat and tying explosives around them!


Some Facts and Figures

* Over 15 lakh cattle are smuggled every year across the border.

* Government records show approximately 1.5 lakh cattle rescued by the Border Security Force (BSF) in the year 2016 alone.

* This animal trade is a cover up for anti-national activities, including smuggling of arms and ammunitions, fake currency trade and terrorist movement.

* Through a landmark order by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, cattle seized by BSF are no longer auctioned. Thousands of cattle are now saved from meeting a bitter end at the hands of traffickers, however these animals are now collecting at BSF outposts and our jawans are having a tough time fending for them in absence of any government provisions for the same.

DF stands with BSF

Dhyan Foundation is the ONLY organisation that has risked a direct fight with this huge mafia by stepping up to nurture and rehabilitate the hordes of animals that are being saved by our jawans at the Indo-Bangladesh border areas on a daily basis. Rajesh Agarwal(Haryana Jagriti Sangh), kulsyani ji (Go seva parivar) &  Namra Muni are sending one truck fodder daily to our habra gaushala. And pinjarapole society, chakuliya has given us space in chakuliya to run a shelter, which has been a great support. No one else is daring to come in front.

The task at hand involves our volunteers spending days and months at the various border outposts in unreachable parts of West Bengal, Tripura and Meghalaya, running from pillar to post to source fodder and veterinary support for the rescued cattle, building temporary enclosures for the animals at the various outposts, hiring and managing local labour over their, transporting these animals to our own shelters in various states through our own and hired trucks, finding land and developing new gaushalas by the month to accomodate the ever increasing cattle number.

We took up this project in November 2018 and since then have taken in over 8000 cattle at our gaushalas near the border outposts (bops) and are providing for more than 4000 cattle that are still standing at the various bops. We have 10 trucks and an expense of one lac per day on transport alone. The fodder and salary amounts to over 3 lakh rupees a day. This is over and above the 6000 cattle at our other gaushalas across India. All our funds are going into saving the agriculture and gauvansh of the country, there is no government funding, and no support of any kind from anywhere else. And the figure keeps increasing daily.

It has been an uphill task – battling storms, and rains and floods, constant resource crunch and of course, at every step facing fierce resistance at the hands of cattle mafia including threats and attacks on our volunteers, damage to property, poisoning the locals against us and coercing them – to somehow deter us, but deter we will not.

We need YOUR help. We have outstretched our resources and need more hands to join in for the safety of cattle and security of our nation. Your involvement and help would aid the commendable efforts of our brave BSF jawans and these voiceless animals!

About Dhyan Foundation

Dhyan Foundation is a thought to aid Creation registered formally as a trust in the year 2002 vide trust deed (Doc No 2235, Addl Book No 4 on 27/5/2002) by a group of socially active and ecologically sensitive people who drew their inspiration from the principles of Yogi Ashwini of Dhyan Ashram

In the year 2010, we added animal welfare to our list of charities with the launch of Feed a Dog Program. Since then we have come a long way to include in our ambit rescue, rehabilitation, treatment and care of dogs, cows, monkeys, camels, horses, mules, donkeys, cats, peacocks, chickens, birds and more through countrywide network of shelters, ambulance services, feeding points, plastic removal surgeries, prosthetic limb replacements, vaccination drives, emergency relief programs, adoption drives, animal welfare workshops and programs among other things.

Today we are recognised Animal Welfare Organisation registered with the Animal Welfare Board of India ((ND054/2019)). We are member of State (Delhi) Advisory Board for Animal Welfare and of Goa Animal Welfare Board. We were awarded the 2018 Best Cow Shelter Award by the Federation of Indian Animals Protection Organisation. We have been entrusted with the running and operations of three People for Animals shelters. Even the Municipal Corporation of Delhi is found directing animal rescue calls to our helpline! Rehabilitating BSF rescued cattle is the latest responsibility we have taken up.

Looking forward to your help in this huge responsibility that we have taken on. For more information, Ruchi Kale 9999567895

TIW Bureau

TIW Bureau

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