Corona vs Karma


Humans have recently encountered a massive upheaval which is only one of its kind and scale. The so-called race for rapid development has come to a standstill as people remain locked in their homes protecting themselves from the pandemic and wondering why did we end up here.

Experts have different opinions on what has led to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been postulated that the coronavirus emerged from a wet food market in Wuhan, China and globalisation provided an easy route to spread it across the world.


Let us understand the situation on a different plane.

Virus alone is not enough to make you sick

According to Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, “somewhere between 25 per cent and 50 per cent” of the people infected with the new coronavirus may never show symptoms or fall ill — but can still transmit the illness to others.

Research has also proved that generally all adult humans are chronically infected with multiple RNA and DNA animal viruses. These viruses are called the ‘virome’ which forms an integral component of our physiology. The virus range from traditional pathogens to those that are most often harmless, but dangerous in a small fraction of the population. It is also clear that humans and other mammals harbour novel animal viruses in the intestine that remain to be identified. Therefore, the virus alone is not enough to make you sick. 

Viruses need a conducive environment within the body to be able to create pathogenic conditions. So what are those conditions that make us perfect grounds for the virus to cause illness?

Action and reaction

Yogi Ashwini, from Dhyan Ashram, has explicitly proved at the Indian Medical Association Mumbai, in front of practicing medical professionals, that diseases are symptoms of imbalances at the etheric level which can be seen in the aura of a person long before any ailment sets in the body. 

And the cause of imbalance, in this situation, is related to the Law of Karma. Our disrespectful treatment of other creatures and the planet has created repercussions, that have ultimately come back to us in the form of disease. It is easier to understand this if we compare the maps below.

You will notice that in general, the countries where meat consumption is highest have suffered the most. Some exceptions like Australia, have high meat consumption per person but the prevalence of the disease is not perfectly at par because Australia is one of the most sparsely populated countries as seen in the world map below. Hence on a map that shows the number of infected cases, it would show fewer numbers for obvious reasons.

Ref: (List of countries and dependencies by population density, 2020)

Another noteworthy exception is India, where the meat consumption is far too low but the number of infected cases is surprisingly high. At a glance, one would attribute this to the dense population of India. However, there are other densely populated areas that are not equally infected. 

The answer, once again, lies in the Law of Karma. India is the second-largest beef exporter of the world. Animals like monkeys have been declared vermin in some states and dogs are killed rampantly citing overpopulation as a cause. Cows are mercilessly trafficked across states without food and water.

It cannot be a coincidence many scientists believe that in future animals will be the source of diseases and therefore, pain to mankind. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Approximately 75 per cent of recently emerging infectious diseases affecting people began as diseases in animals.”

Einsteinian Pain Waves (EPW)

Dr Madan Mohan Bajaj, director-general of International Scientific Research & Welfare Organisation and chief of the Department of Physics and Astrophysics of the University of Delhi, has co-authored ‘Etiology of Earthquakes A New Approach’ along with Ibrahim and Vijayraj Singh, and their work was published by HB Prakashan, Indore. In this book, based on Einstein’s EPW, they claim that the creation of intense pain and fear caused by the endless killing of animals, birds and fish creates literal physical waves that concentrate in the layers of Earth causing earthquakes.

The book also compares multiple cases, where the above pattern has been followed. For example the massive slaughter of animals at Gadhimai and the Nepal earthquake was a perfect example used to support the theory. 

However, one would immediately question why the whole world suffers for the errors of a few in China. In reality, life on Earth is not compartmentalized by geographic borders. We are all connected. Most humans today have a tunnel vision in which we only focus on our little world, work and family. Most cannot care less when they see another being in pain. The law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; only converted from one form of energy to another. Thus those who give pain to any other living being and those who choose to close their eyes to it when they are actually in a position to help, are all on the receiving end of pain in the equation. 

Reversing the cycle

Dhyan Foundation volunteers have taken it upon themselves to reverse this cycle, to reduce the pain in Creation by ensuring no one sleeps on an empty stomach — humans and animals alike. The proof of karmic theory lies in that, despite these volunteers being on streets all day long and interacting with poor people and stray animals — not one has been sick with the virus.

Yogi Ashwini explains that Mother Earth has been tremendously pressurised due the unceasing plundering of natural resources by mankind at the cost of other inhabitants of earth. And this standstill is Earth’s gasping effort to bring itself back into balance. The pain that she has been forbearing, has been distributed. It is on us now, to ameliorate this pain.

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