The Door To The Other Side


My father passed away in October 2013. We performed the first death anniversary ceremony this October. I wanted a havan to be performed on the occasion and contacted Dhyan Ashram for the same.

On October 18 at 7:30 pm, four volunteers – Hari, Niki, Adhi (names changed) and myself performed the havan at my mother’s house, taking blessings from Yogiji, invoking Mahamrityunjaiji and Devi Gayatri. Besides us, there were five more family members present in the room, along with the cook who was preparing food in the kitchen, which was right next to the room.


It was a powerful havan. After the havan, Hari told us that he had heard a loud moaning noise during the havan. He said it was a terrifying noise, and that it made him shiver. Later, Niki and Adhi confirmed having heard it too. Niki and Hari also reported seeing a lady wearing white, walking about just outside the room. Others and I sitting in the room were baffled, for we had not heard the sound or seen anything. All three of them who heard it…are educated people with a sound frame of mind.

Two days later, (Oct 20) the cook mentioned to my mother that 10-15 minutes after the havan started on Oct 18, she saw a lady wearing white and two men leave the room where the havan was being performed, enter the kitchen and go out. She also informed her that the night security man (who had not come to work for past 5 days) had come that morning. He told the cook that on the night of Oct 16, when he was sleeping in the veranda, a lady came and sat on his chest…the description was the same as reported by the cook, Hari and Niki…He tried his best, but he could not dislodge her. He got fever the next day and that is why he could not come for duty.

I immediately informed Hari about these events, who then asked Yogiji about it. He informed us that my mother’s house was located at a spot from where the spirits exit from earth. The lady they saw was one such spirit, a disturbed soul who was not able to exit due to her negative karmic lifestyle, transferring her disturbance to the place and to those she came in contact with. He explained that the cook seeing those souls leave was a good sign, since it indicated them having been released from being stuck in a bodiless existence after the havan.

There was a visible change in the environment of the house after the havan…which reconfirmed what Yogiji had said. My mother was happy and wants many more havans to be conducted to facilitate the journey of all the souls who are stuck.

Havans under a Guru’s guidance are a good way of finding out about the energy of your homes and keeping your homes happy and negativity-free.

By Shaili Gujral

Guest Author

Guest Author

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