There is a thin margin between the real and the unreal. Either something actually happens or only the mind plays tricks. It is difficult to differentiate unless you go through what I have gone through. Even now my hair stands up and I get goose bumps when I think of that night.

We were travelling with family and friends from Dehradun to Rishikesh. We chatted around a bonfire till late in the night and retired around midnight. I was in my room with my two-year-old son, trying to put him to sleep, when suddenly I heard a very faint giggle. It seemed to be coming from the bathroom.


Thinking somebody is playing a prank I went into the bathroom and switched on the light. To my horror right in front of my eyes, I saw a pair of hands dancing around; I looked carefully and found blood dripping from one of them. I ran back thinking I was having a nightmare: shut the bathroom door and went off to sleep hiding under the blanket. I knew it was a dream playing out.

My husband normally wakes me up early. I found him waking me up at 6 am and asking me to come to the bathroom. In the bathroom to my surprise I found red drops of blood on the basin. My husband asked me if I had cut myself. Not to alarm him or spoil the trip I said yes… Now I knew it was not a nightmare!



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