Human existence is not limited to the human body that is perceivable by the five senses, neither is human form the ultimate, nor is Bhuloka, the only level of existence or the five senses the only tools of perception. There are senses below and beyond, there are levels of existence below and beyond and there are bodies much below inside and much beyond outside.

The Gita clearly states that judgement lies only in the hands of the Divine. No human being, not even a Guru has the authority or ability to judge or assess or comment upon someone’s state. But it comes within the ambit of a Guru’s entitlements to talk about the various layers and levels of existence and their indications. A being is then allowed to self-judge himself/herself based on realistic facts of his/her life and not by assumptions or thinking with his/her brains because brain is bound by the ego and ego will never allow a being to find faults in himself/herself. If the ego allowed that, then the role of Guru would have been redundant, as an egoless being is straightaway eligible for salvation.


So if you find yourself dancing in a night club with a glass of wine, then there is nothing wrong with the wine or the dance but if you think that you are moving into higher states of consciousness that way, then here is some food for thought for you.
The lokas (levels of existence specified in the Shastras) have Bhuloka as the central point. Below the Bhuloka lie the taals implying abyss – they go as Bhutaal, Rasataal, Sutaal, Vitaal and Paataal. Taal implies the enjoyment of lower senses (like intoxications of various kinds like alcohol, smoke, drugs, in the descending order in lower lokas) and attachment to physical pleasures and money. A unique experience as you descend down the taals is – more dependency on medicine, a loss in your glow, staying awake for most part of the night and dependency on loud, unmelodious (devoid of any ragas) sounds which you would term as music – for it is said that these are the traits of a nisachar or lower being who dwells in the lokas below Bhuloka.
If your existence is on Bhuloka and you exhibit the above mentioned traits, then you can be more or less certain that lower lokas are waiting for your arrival with open arms. The signs of higher lokas (or levels of existence) can only be interpreted by your Guru so I shall not go into them here. But I would just like tosay that they are the opposite of taals…


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