Of The Shaktis That Run The Creation


The Creation is governed by certain shaktis. As you progress in yog sadhna, you are able to experience their forms. Every day, each one of the 365 days, is governed (sanchalit) by a specific shakti. That is why the importance of niyam and daily practice is insisted upon in yog. If one misses the sadhna for even a single day, the shakti of that day is left behind and the sadhna of an entire year goes waste because in brahmand, if a single thing goes missing then its effect is felt on everything – our body, earth as well as other planets and stars. Every shakti has a day, but one need not perform rituals to access them. In yog and tantra, there is no ritual, just sadhna of shakti.

It is important to understand the shakti of each day and the swaroop of that shakti. There is a name for every form of shakti, but at the present moment, we will only be discussing their forms. The names are taken only after generating the capacity in the body, through specific sadhnas. At a basic level, when you do dhyan with your Guru, you are able to see certain forms in him/her, like the Sun or even Moon. Ever wondered where these forms come from, what do they represent?


There are many sadhaks at Dhyan Ashram who have reported seeing the form of Sun in dhyan. What is so special about the Sun?  If you look at the Sun at the time of sunrise and sunset, keeping the awareness of Manipoorak and chant the mantra ‘Ram’, you will find a certain glow starts coming in the body and just within a month you will start looking very different. (A word of caution here, for any yogic practice it is important to have a Guru who guides you as per your capacity).

Just like the Sun, Moon too is an extremely interesting energy. Moon merely reflects the light of the Sun, but with that light it is able to attract the tides as well as earth surface on a full moon night.  Have you ever thought about it- what is so special about the Moon? Not just that, on a full moon night, animals become violent, the mentally unstable start behaving funnily, accidents and fights are on a rise. What is so special about the Moon? Right now I am only discussing the basic aspects, to give you a hint that there is something different about these forms. What that is, is a subject of experience, and you will get that experience with the correct practice of Sanatan Kriya.

Speciality of Moon is that it looks calm and peaceful but it is more volatile than even the Sun. When you look at the Moon under guidance of a Guru, you will be able to see all the mantras in its form because you cannot see the Sun, which channelizes that shakti. There are certain shaktis which you cannot see and so there are certain other shaktis through which you can see and feel their effect, it becomes an experience for you. And till you have that experience, yog is a waste for you, nothing can happen, nothing is possible. Experience is the basis of yog.

All the things that we see in the sky and on the earth, there are so many flowers of so many different kinds and colours, if you simply look at them without blinking your eyes under Guru sanidhya, all the defects and imbalances in the body disappear. But there is a small problem…niyam. There should be no break in the practice, and the break will come if you do not have the capacity for that shakti or if you don’t have a Guru. Nature, everything that you see around you, has all the swaroops of shaktis hidden in it and all these shaktis are very easily accessible. If one makes him/herself sthir on these shaktis and accesses them properly, then they start following that person.


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