Sadhana Paad, Yogsutra 55


Patanjali now details the outcome of pratyahara,

ततः परमा वश्यतेन्द्रियाणाम्॥५५॥


tatah paramaa vashyatendriyaanaam 55

Tatah: from this (pratyahara)

Paramaa: highest

Vashyatah: control

Indriyaanaam: of the senses

Perfection of Pratyahaar leads to highest control over senses.

Our ancients considered the body to be a tool to reach the ultimate goal of evolution by understanding the mechanisms behind the pursuit of the five senses and slowly bringing the senses under control, so that like a charioteer controls his five horse chariot and guides it towards the destination, the same way we control the five senses and take this body towards our desired goal. Practice of pratyahaar is the route for this.

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