Asurs Outside and Within


As one sets on the path of sadhna and tries to connect with subtle forces, at first, an imbalance is created. This imbalance is a result of frequencies which are generated in the environment that disturb certain energies…it is the asurs who get disturbed.

When the asurs get disturbed, they in turn try to disturb the sadhak, to get him/her off the path, so they may thrive. As an experiment, you may play the chant of Om given on the Dhyan Foundation website at your home/office… it will disturb people with an asurik vritti and evoke a negative reaction from them. Imbalance is created when you chant mantras given by your Guru internally and externally…. not from the CDs which are available in the market, they are of no use as they are tied to commerce.


The asurs strike the one who is weak, they get inside the person and destabilise him/her and since that person is in the body, he/she destabilises others around him/her.

The process of destabilisation is internal as well as external. External disturbances are in the form of those around you, neighbours who will come running when you perform a yagya, friends who make negative remarks about your practices. Their one-pointed agenda becomes to destabilise you, to prevent you from walking the path of sadhna. It happens because the negative entities take shelter in them and constantly incite them to stop you, because you are disturbing those entities.

Whenever such disturbances come, you can take that as your success on the path of sadhna because if you look at history, you will find that whenever the rishis and munis would perform a yagya or tapasya, asurs would come to disturb them also… Even Rishi Vishvamitra took Lord Ram with him to kill the asurs who were disturbing his practice. That is the job of the asur to disturb you… by threat, by persuasion and also by lures of physical attractions — better house, new job, desired partner etc. You, however, need to hold the hand of your Guru firmly.

The above were the asurs around (external disturbances), then there are the asurs within — internal disturbances come in the form of your inner voice which misleads you. Actually it is the voice of the asur. For example, you sit for dhyan and suddenly you get a thought that you are in the wrong place. ‘Leave all this, party, socialise, enjoy…’ Or you are sleeping and you hear a voice which tells you, ‘Why are you wasting your time here, do something better.’ Ninety per cent of the people cave in at this time, these are the people whose connection with their Guru is weak, they think, ‘Yes that is true’. They forget all their experiences — both in the physical and spiritual planes, what they were when they started the practice and what all they have achieved on the way. The asur within, clouds their mind and vision. The success rate of asurs is not 99 per cent, it is 100 per cent. If they get hold of a person, they take him with them. But then the success rate of Guru too is 100 per cent and the ones who are connected get shielded by experience of the shakti of Guru and asurs cannot touch them. All their experiences play in front of their eyes at the time and they are able to understand what is happening. It is because their focus is fixed on the Guru.

The body and all its pleasures are temporary and unreal. The asur within tries to entangle you in them, but then ask yourself, till when can you enjoy them, they will leave you sooner or later, as will the asurs the moment their job is done. But if you get swayed by them and take even a step back, a gap will come in your sadhna, which will never get filled. If the asurs within create a doubt in your mind, discuss it with your Guru figure there and then.

Asurs are everywhere — outside and within. Just remember to stay firm, Yoga ek tattwa nirantar abhyas… so keep your focus intact also your faith… on your Guru… asurs won’t last long.


TIW Bureau

TIW Bureau

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