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The science of Ayurveda is not a disease targeting therapy. It is rooted in the tridoshas of vata, pitta and kapha. The term ‘dosha’ itself indicates an impurity and three impurities are an essential part of the physical body. If these impurities go, then the body also disintegrates. All the three keep each other in balance hence the body survives.

We have previously discussed various elimination and rejuvenation therapies. I will give here one more very effective tonic for rejuvenation and then move on to aphrodisiacs or sukravardhakarasayans.


Charak Rishi says to take seven black pepper corns and make them into a fine powder, add one teaspoon of a year-old honey and eat it first thing in the morning with a glass of warm water, an amazing glow would be felt after a month of regular use.

Aphrodisiacs are not for sexual gratification, they are for preserving the beauty and glow of the body and for the purpose of procreation.

Charak says that the best aphrodisiac is a sexually excited good looking female partner. All objects of beauty are assembled in this woman in a compact form and nowhere else. Dharma, artha, Lakshmi and the entire Universe are established in a woman. [Charaka Samhita, verse 4 – 7, chapter 2, ChikitsaSthanama]

One prashtha cow ghee boiled with shatavari (sitavar) and ten times of milk along with raw sugar, pippali and honey makes an excellent aphrodisiac. [Charaka Samhita, verse 18, chapter 2, ChikitsaSthanama]

Please note: All rasayans, tonics and herbal concoctions prescribed in this series are to be strictly taken keeping in mind the cautions given.

It is always recommended to get your constitution evaluated first by an Ayurvedic certified practitioner. For a general evaluation, you may visit the website www.dhyanfoundation.com. Here you would be able to evaluate your constitution on the basis of your traits hence making the prescriptions more effective by taking the recommended additives.

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