Dhyan Foundation at amity youth festival


There is a saying, truth is one, but the wise explain it in many ways. However, Yogi Ashwini believes that there is only one way, that of experience. And this is exactly what volunteers of Dhyan Foundation did at the Amity Youth Festival (AYF) in Amity University, Noida. At the fest, which lasted three days, the young volunteers of Dhyan Foundation ensured that all present tasted the power and efficacy of yog when done under the guidance of a Guru.

How did they do this? With practical demonstrations! There was also a showcase of asanas, where volunteers, some at the age of 60, performed strenuous asanas with ease. The glow on the faces and the control over their body had students as well as faculty wanting to know their secret. A big hit was the Vedic Martial Art demonstration. The force and strength exuded by the practitioners left the audience astound. They were truly a force to reckon with. A havan was conducted that not only mesmerised the crowd but also became a platform to understand and experience the science of sound and the effect on the being.


The result? There was an unending stream of people walking into the stall, who had several questions about the science. No question was left unanswered.


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