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VibhutiPaad, Yogsutra 12

ततः पुनः शातोदतौ तुयययौ िचयैकातापरणामः॥१२॥ Tatah punah shaantoditau tulyapratyayau chittasya ekaagrataa parinaamah ||12|| Tatah: then Punah:... Continue Reading


Spirituality is a science of the ‘spirit’ or the ‘ether’. The science of the spirit starts where logic ends. Hence, I really do not expect t... Continue Reading

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For Youth and Glow

Skin tightening pack You will need the following ingredients: a pinch of haldi, one fourth teaspoon of sandalwood powder, one teaspoon honey... Continue Reading

Teas For Health

In this series we are looking at various tonics, which can be made from easily available natural herbs that help in maintaining the balance ... Continue Reading