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Finland is a land of interesting contrasts, such as the four seasons, the midnight sun and the winter darkness, urban and rural, East and West. Finland’s unspoilt forests, as well as its thousands of islands and lakes, offer plenty of opportunities for visitors to enjoy beautiful natural surroundings.

A TIW Traveller narrates her experience at a serene Finnish Cottage in the heart of winters.


I hear the church bells chime. The village is lit and there is an air of joyous festivity around as sparkling white snow-flakes add a blush to my cheeks. Inside the little cottage, the sweet smell of home-cooked food and the crackling of the fire-wood beckon me. I pause for a moment and thank the almighty for this day, for this very moment. I am in Helsinki during Christmas with a snow-laden backdrop, fit for any movie and in the company of people who changed my life completely.

The small wooden cottage is well-built, tastefully decorated and houses a luxurious steam, Jacuzzi and sauna. With temperatures touching -20 degrees these amenities provide the much needed warmth and comfort. The morning samyam pooja time was beautifully still, a silence that was deep and penetrating as the mantra chants echoed far and wide. The sweet scent of the evening havan created a serene atmosphere and enveloped the cottage. I sit amazed as one of us describes the vision they had in a deep state of dhyan, that of Santa Claus. After a 3 day hiatus in chaotic Paris, this seemed immensely blissful and well deserved. A week flew by and before I knew it, it was time to leave for Delhi. I have traveled to many European countries but have experienced no place like Helsinki.

Where to Stay

Viherkallio – Villa, Cottage

Luxury Holiday Ltd. P.O. Box 125. 00181

Helsinki, Finland

The villa Viherkallio is situated on the shores of Kirkkojärvi Lake in Myrskylä, about 40 meters higher than the water level on a beautiful solid rock and in forest terrain. The perfect terrain for skiing, outdoor activities and blueberry and lingon berry picking can be found right next to the villa. There are a lot of trails and small roads through the woods.

90 meters away is the Shore of Kirkkojärvi Lake. During wintertime there is a maintained ski track over the lake. One can go to the local village by a rowing boat (about 700 meters). On the shore of the village there is a nice beach. About 1 km away from the villa there are ancient rock caves that are worth visiting. A traditional dancing place called “Kiparkatti” is situated about 3 kms away.

Niti Jain

Niti Jain

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