Warning Bells For Creation


A very old friend of mine who knew me 20 years back, came to see me with his 19 year old son. On asking the young boy that why he had come with his father, he replied, “I was just curious to see you. My parents speak so highly of you and now you are a Yogi, so was just curious.” I asked him, “Tell me honestly, what do you think of Yogis?” He said, “An honest shot opinion?” I said, “Obviously.” He replied, “Conman.”

I was not shocked or surprised, as nowadays saffron is associated with business and the basis of business is to buy cheap and sell expensive, in short, con the other party. So-called Yoga Gurus wearing saffron are busy selling cures for known and unknown diseases and busy amassing wealth and building gold thrones and gold-plated complexes for themselves. The case for the majority of world leaders, politicians, public servants and officials too is not very different. The wealth which is meant for the poor and donations which are received for social causes are being diverted towards lives of luxury by most who are in a position of power. Corruption has reached its peaks in all spheres of life – politics, health, sports and entertainment, spiritual business not being far behind…the reason for the present state of chaos in the world. Taking advantage of such corrupt people, foreign powers that want to destabilise the culture of this country and want to pull the vedic culture down to push their own neo thoughts up, are doing what Macaulay started to do in 1835 (poison the youth against their own culture). The only difference being now that certain saffron-clad and others in responsible positions are aiding their plans.


The thought process of my young friend was not without reason, so I invited him over to practice and experience the power and ability of yog, the way I tell him to and then form opinions, for it is not intelligent to form an opinion about something without trying it out first. It is a 5000 year old science and we cannot allow some traitors to ruin the vedic culture. Similarly, I invite all my other young friends also to come to Dhyan Ashram and experience the power and ability of yog and then comment. I’m sure they will change the world opinion.


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