Mystical and supernatural existence of some places in creation cannot be explained. One such place is Bhimkund in Madhya Pradesh. This holy kund, is a natural water tank, located near Bajna village in Chattarpur district.

It is a beautiful kund with crystal clear turquoise blue water. The caves around the kund are formed in a manner, that the sun’s rays fall on the water making the water sparkle.


This Kund dates back to the time of Mahabharata. According to historical records, Draupadi, wife of the Pandavas fainted of thirst, scorched by the sun. Then Bhim, the strongest of the five brothers, struck the ground with his gada (mace) and the water swirled out and the kund came into existence. Till date, modern science is yet to gauge the depth of this kund.

Another account details that when Sage Narada performed the Gandharva Gaanam (celestial song) in praise of Lord Vishnu, pleased with his devotion, Lord Vishnu emerged from the kund and the water turned blue to match the completion of Vishnu. This natural water source has hence been referred to as Neel Kund and Narada Kund also.

Another astounding and unexplainable phenomenon about this kund has recently gained national and international attention. Before the natural calamity in Nepal and Gujarat, the water in this kund rose up to 15 meters high. The same thing happened during the tsunami in 2004. It was too much of a coincidence even for modern scientists. Many international channels, including the Discovery Channel, made attempts to gauge the depth and uncover the relations with these disasters, however their attempts to uncover these, went in vain.

Divinity has its own ways of revelation and Bhimkund is a perfect example which continues to be an enigma even for the best brains of the world.

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