Vastu Shastra is the ancient Indian science of architecture and acts as a guideline to design your home in a way that enhances positive energy. The energy flow in a house is greatly influenced by its construction and the décor in the house. Each one of us desires to live in a home that is comfortable, calming and rejuvenates us. It is important to understand that the energy within a house, affects the people who occupy it.

The more positive energy you have around, the better you feel about yourself. A person is more productive in a positive environment as it brings inner peace. Positivity heals every wound. So, if you are a homeowner who wants to keep negative forces at bay and welcome positive energies to your home, here are some ideas from the science of Vastu,


#1 Make way for positivity

The main entrance to a house is not only the entry point for the family, but also for energy. A clean doorway to your home is very important to keep the negative energies out of your house. So, ensure that the entrance is clutter-free, has ample space to move and is cleaned regularly. Do not leave footwear around the main door of the house, as this is known to block the flow of energy. Make sure that there is no window or door just opposite the front door or else the energy will flow out through it immediately.

#2 De-clutter

Clutter creates stagnant energy and impedes the flow of positive energy. It is necessary to remove unwanted materials from the house. For example –chipped, cracked or broken things, old newspapers, magazines, broken watches, unnecessary documents, empty cartons or used pens etc. Unwanted things bring negative energy.  Clean the cupboards and drawers and clear things that are no longer in use.

#3 Jingle all the way

The use of wind chimes in a home keeps negative energies out of the premises. The music of the tinkling chimes helps in breaking the pattern of the negative energy and promotes the flow of positive energy. Hang the wind chime or bell at the entrance to welcome the wealth and in the bathroom to prevent wealth from draining out.

#4 Sun bright

Sun Rays are very important to induce positive energy and ward off negativity. Proper ventilation and adequate natural lighting bring in positive energy into the house and, with it, the flow of money. So, keep the windows open for sometime everyday and allow fresh air to flow in.

#5 Colour conscious

Each colour in  nature plays an important role. Light colours or white are always preferred in homes, however, you may also add a dash of colour. Earth tones bring in soothing energy in a room. The seven colours of the rainbow also bring positive vibration in the space.

Green colour represents peace and tranquillity. Let nature visit your home daily – it reduces anger and anxiety and soothes our mind and soul. Decorate your home with plants and even create an indoor garden. Bamboo, flowering plants or money plants are a good option. Use stones and rocks for that natural texture. Sit amidst the nature and soak in the fresh energy. The colour purple symbolises wealth. Keeping purple plants like Orchids or purple-coloured pots indoors, bring in positivity.

#6 Pinch of salt

Just a bowl of salt can make a huge difference. Salt is a powerful cleansing agent. It absorbs all the negative energy and balances the flow of energy inside the home. Place a bowl of sea salt in the North-East and South-West direction; it is the best way to get rid of negative energy. Also, you could keep sea salt rocks in the corners of your home. You may also add few spoons of sea-salt to the water and mop the floor with it.

#7 Aroma therapy

Light some incense sticks, earthen lamps and candles every morning and evening. These act as cleansers, removing any negative energy. Fresh flowers are also a great source of positivity. Keep it in a bowl or vase with water in it. Change the water regularly and make sure that the flowers are fresh and fragrant.

#8 Mirror, mirror on the wall

The placement of mirrors in your house is crucial, as these can allow or stop the positive energy from entering your house. The reflective surface of mirrors reflects both positive and negative energy. So why not place it to reflect something beautiful and positive?

Avoid mirrors in your bedroom especially if it is reflecting the bed. A bedroom is a place where we rest and release our stress. Mirror can energize the room and it is not good for your sleep. Also, the mirror should not be parallel to bed because it mounts a lot of health concerns. It creates quarrels in the family.

Placing a convex mirror on the facade wall facing the exteriors can also be helpful in wiping the negative energy off.

#8 When life gives you lemons

Lemon in water keeps the negative energy away from your house. To ensure this is effective, change the water every Saturday.

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