I had the good fortune of attending a past life regression workshop by Dhyan Foundation. It was simple and gradual. I had imagined it to be one where we would be asked to look at a crystal or perhaps be hypnotised, I even expected being told to visualise things… but nothing of that sort happened. During the session I felt a sense of heightened awareness, and my consciousness just expanded.

As we went back in time, I saw and understood that life is a continuous process. Hunting for a beginning and an end is futile; it’s like looking for a starting point and an ending point in a circle. First, I saw myself in a rich family from Rajasthan, wearing gold jewellery that belonged to that region. A little further back I found myself in the West, wearing a beautiful gown and attending a ball. We were then told to go further back in our lifetimes… and in one of the lifetimes I saw myself committing a specific atrocity and then we were asked to come back.


On opening my eyes, I understood that the physical problems I face in this lifetime were because of that specific act. Our actions, whether in this lifetime or the previous always have a counter-action, and we pay the price or reap the benefit as per that. I also realised that attachment to family or friends, material wealth or physical appearance is futile. What was there yesterday is not there with us today, and what we have today will not be with us tomorrow. After experiencing this, now I firmly believe.


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