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Gems can help cure various diseases and also build immunity in our body. Deficiency of colour in the body is one of the causes of disease and gems are a source of recouping that colour into our body and reducing the intensity of the disease.


Boils: These are caused due to excessive heat in our body which is due to transit of Mars through fiery signs and is aspected by malifie causes this disease. Native of this kind should wear cold gems like moonstone, yellow sapphire, or blue sapphire.

Gout or Rheumatism: This affects the joints and ankles with pain causing redness and a tenderness. It is a disease in which uric acid is not released fully from the body and is crystallised and dispersed in various forms in the body. To get relief from this disease one should have a controlled diet and reduce the body weight and avoid protein food. Planet Saturn causes this disease when deposited in Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces and Sagittarius. Mars in 10th house affiliated by Saturn or conjunction of Saturn and Rahu in 2nd or 3rd house produces this disease. Use blue sapphire, red coral, yellow sapphire.

Piles: These are of two types: bleeding and dry. Piles are swollen varicose veins situated inside or outside the walls of the anus. Mars is responsible for this problem. Malifies in 7th or 8th house from lagna may cause piles. Scorpio or 8th house of the zodiac governs anus, genitals and private parts of the body. Ketu in 12th house may also develop piles. Red coral 7 ½ carats and yellow sapphire 5 carats can be used in gold ring in 3rd finger of right hand on Tuesday.

Hernia: Protrusion of a loop or a part of the intestine through an abnormal hole in the abdominal wall is called hernia. Venus in Scorpio or in 6th house afflicted by Saturn or Mars in Virgo aspected by Saturn gives rise to the disease. Fred coral 7 ½ carats and yellow sapphire in 5 carats can be used.

Epilepsy: It is a disease of the brain causing sudden disturbances of brain function resulting in temporary loss of consciousness. Astrologically the planets Mercury, Mars and Moon are responsible for this disease. Mercury governs brain wave. Emerald of 5 carat plus, blue sapphire of 5 carat plus, white pearl of 5 carat weight; emerald plus moonstone in 6 carats plus yellow sapphire in 4 carat; or emerald plus yellow sapphire 5 carat each.


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