YOGSUTRAS of patanjali – Samadhi Paad, Yogsutra 33, 34


33: Maitri karuna muditupekshaanaam, sukhdukhpunyaapunyavishayanaam,

bhaavanaatah chitta prasaadanam


Maitri: friendship

Karuna: compassion

Mudita: happiness

Upekshanaam: disregard

Sukha: pleasure

Dukha: pain

Punya: virtue

Apunya: vice

Vishayanaam: subjects

Bhavanatah: disposition

Chitta: mind

Prasadanam: purified

Patanjali now details the process to detoxify/cleanse the chitta,

Harboring the feelings of friendship, compassion, happiness and disregard in the subjects of pleasure, pain, virtue and vice respectively purifies the chitta.

Sharing someone’s happiness like a friend (rather than being jealous), being compassionate towards someone in pain (rather than deriving pleasure out of it or thinking it serves him/her right), supporting and encouraging virtuous acts by expressing happiness in them, and disapproval of unethical deeds and raising voice against them, helps clean the chitta of impurities that cloud its vision.


34: Prachhardana vidhaaranaabhyaam va praanasya

Prachhardana: expulsion

Vidharanabhyam: preventing from entering

Va: or / also

Pranasya: of the prana

Patanjali lists one more way to purify the chitta, (Chitta gets purified) By expelling and preventing entry of breath also.

Breath is often called the doorway to the inner world. We are constantly exchanging prana with the world outside through the medium of breath, taking in pollution of thoughts and matter, which interfere with our own pranic frequency. By gaining control over prana, one can control what he/she has to absorb and expel and thereby keep the mind and body toxin free.


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