Six things you must do when you witness animal cruelty …


The PCA Act, 1960 states:

No person shall beat, kick, injure, kill, torture, cause stress and


discomfort to any animal or being the owner, allow such treatment

to be inflicted upon any animal.


  1. ACT

Check if the animal is dead or alive


Call for an ambulance and take it to the nearest animal hospital/clinic. It will be preferred if a District Veterinary officer is asked for a government veterinarian to attend to the animals. And the following steps to be taken, 

  • If animal is dead – Post mortem to be done
  • If animal is alive – health certificate to be made
  • If animal is injured or diseased – Treatment to be ensured.

Take pictures and video of the scene of crime. If possible, capture license plate, pictures of the abuser. Speak to people, record statements and collect witnesses. (to be used while registering the complaint)


File an FIR with the nearest police stations under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 (Section 3 and 11) and Section429 – Indian Penal Code. An FIR is important for the police to start investigation. The police are required to take your FIR.


Remember just filing an FIR doesn’t end the task in hand. Follow-up with the authorities on action taken. It is a serious crime to hurt/abuse animals and criminals cannot be allowed to break the law of the land and get away. Also, make sure to follow-up on the animal in case it has been admitted into a hospital.


Capture the voices and support of Animal Lovers/NGOs far and wide…Inform Media, and disseminate information on Social platforms…Let the animals have a VOICE !

Animal Helpline: 9999099423

Arti Tondon

Arti Tondon

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