Dincharya: Strengthening The System


In the last few articles we have been discussing dincharya and various types of detoxifications; it is important to understand that once we tune ourselves with the frequencies of the Universe and follow the proper dincharya the body becomes like a recharged battery which is ready for absorbing prana from all sources through its complete awakened senses (five, six or seven).

Ayurveda and Yoga give us various preparations and techniques to absorb the right prana from what we ingest. Here, herbal teas serve a useful dual purpose. Firstly, they protect against allergies; and secondly they are rejuvenating as the prana released by them is easily absorbed by the body.


We must understand that allergies are caused when the body is exposed to a non-conforming pranic force. The reaction of the body to this foreign non-conforming prana is in the form of a violent reaction like a cold, swelling of the plural [lung covering] membranes, a rise in body temperature, eruptions on the skin, meninges [brain covering membrane], etc. When we take an anti-allergic tablet we actually confuse the brain because on the one hand the brain knows that the invading prana is non-conforming and dangerous and on the other hand the medicine that we take blocks its reaction and suppresses it. Therefore, it does not allow the symptoms of the presence of a foreign body to show and gives a false sense of wellbeing. Prolonged use of such suppressing medicines can cause serious psychosomatic disorders.

I would here prescribe a simple ayurvedic remedy to develop the body’s immunity. Rose petals when boiled, strained and mixed with khand (unrefined sugar), and taken as a sherbet strengthens the immunity levels of the body and is also tonic for the heart.

Rose hip [the bottom part of a rose which is green in colour] tea is very beneficial. Steep 3 to 5 rose hips in hot water with honey (that is at least a year old). This can be taken 3 to 4 times a day. Regular use will ensure strengthening of the body’s immunity and developing the ability to absorb more prana.

Arti Gaur

Arti Gaur

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