Dhyan makes us stable, say kids at Anand Vidyalaya


What we are exposed to in childhood goes a long way in deciding what we become; there is a reason why the early years of life are called ‘formative years’. Responsible parenting, healthy peer group and the sanidhya of Guru at the right age, goes a long way in shaping a healthy and balanced individual. In present times, with parents getting occupied with hectic routines and jobs, the families becoming nuclear, machines replacing friends and in the absence of a Guru, the development of children often remains lopsided.

They grow up amidst a lot of conflicts, internal and external and do not know who or what to turn to, to resolve them. Not knowing how to deal with them, such children either get misled or become victims of stress, anxiety and depression. All of this adversely effects their growth and performance.


At Anand Vidyalayas there are plenty of children who have been denied a normal childhood, yet if you meet them you might be able see in them the glow, often missing in other kids. For even at such an early age, through the tireless effort of volunteers under the guidance of Yogi Ashwiniji, these kids have found light…

Besides formal education, Anand Vidyalaya (AV) students are exposed to subtle aspects of their body and their environment, through self-experience. These kids practice dhyan daily, and the change it has brought in them, is for all to see.

Ludhiana AV reported a drop in the normal breath count of kids from over twenty to below ten, indicating a move towards health and longevity (refer to Sanatan Kriya for scientific explanation). The kids have come back and shared with volunteers that their teachers compliment them for being calmer and more stable as compared to others in their class and their academic performance has also improved drastically. These kids say, it is after they started with Sanatan Kriya. The Hyderabad AV kids have been lauded for their presence of mind and focus at school. In Delhi, there is marked change in the behaviour and attitude of children. Kids who were naughty and would misbehave with other kids and would refuse to study are now developing interest in their classes and have a pleasant disposition towards their classmates. Many of these kids have started going to mainstream schools and are actually excited to attend their next class.

Dhyan is the seventh limb of Ashtang Yog and an integral part of Sanatan Kriya.  It was a routine activity for our ancestors and has been emphasised by all. It induces a state of bliss in the practitioner and exposes to him/her the true nature of body and of things around and also discloses that which lies beyond…Robust health, disease-free body, glow, youth, vigour, emotional stability, increased concentration and focus and development of dormant centres of the brain are just some of the by-products that come along with regular practice, as experienced by the kids at Anand Vidyalaya and thousands of  Sanatan Kriya practitioners worldwide.

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Poonam Kapoor

Poonam Kapoor

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