Prana is the essence of manifest Creation. It may be understood as a frequency, a vibration. Prana first exists as a thought, which manifests through consciousness into sound, then colours and eventually into the five elements that make up everything around us including our body.

When a grosser frequency of prana enters the body (clairaudients hear it as an abnormal sound of the cells, clairvoyants see it as a heavy colour) it creates imbalance in the body, disease is a symptom of this imbalance. The pain and discomfort that we feel in such a condition is nothing but a grosser frequency of prana. Healers remove this heavy frequency of prana and replenish the body with subtler prana and immediately the person feels relieved.


Similar phenomenon is observed in nature as well. Selfish and animalistic thoughts and deeds manifest as grosser frequencies of prana which pollute the environment and create havoc in Creation. Earthquakes and other natural disasters are a manifestation of these heavier frequencies of prana only.

Dr. Madan Mohan Bajaj, Retired Senior Professor, Department of Physics and Astrophysics, Delhi University, explains the phenomenon of earthquake with the theory of Einsteinian Pain Waves (EPWs). During an earthquake, three kinds of waves are released. In his book, Understanding Earthquakes, he explains how when humans and/or animals die, they release EPWs. These pain waves increase in quantity and intensity as more and more creatures are killed and concentrate in various layers of the earth. As they become expressive, the earth shakes and we experience an earthquake.

To give a recent example, some months back Nepal witnessed mass slaughter in the name of a local festival where thousands of animals were killed in a single day. What followed is an earthquake scaling 7 on the Richter scale and this mass killing happened after a gap of a few years. The Nepal Government wanted to make a point about their so-called culture and in turn, nature made a point. What you give, you receive. Gita reiterates that when pain will reach its threshold, it will give rise to destruction or calamity and Krishna will be born.

Crimes against Creation, not only lead to calamities like earthquakes, but Empires also fall. Akbar had committed so many atrocities, only two generations could survive after Akbar. The reverse of this also true. All organisations which are into genuine service and charity grow manifold in a short while and those, who in the name of service & charity are filling their own coffers, may grow in numbers due to the phenomena of social snob value, but in the dimension of the energy world, they reach nowhere. As mentioned earlier, prana is the basis of manifest Creation and it exists first as a thought which materialises by the power of consciousness. Creation too was a thought which manifested as the things we see around us from the Supreme Consciousness. Each one of us too is a part of that consciousness and is connected to the each other by our collective consciousness. Our stature in the spiritual world is directly proportional to the manifestation of individual and collective thought. When too many or one evolved individual puts a thought to something, it happens, because Creation ultimately is our thought only.


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