6/6 A Miracle


Yog is a subject of your personal experience. Simrandeep Kaur, a practitioner of Sanatan Kriya from Mumbai, shares her recent experience of the power of vedic chants and how when you are in the sanidhya of your guru, no anisht can happen to you…

Surya Sadhna is done in the morning at the time of sunrise. The eyes are fixed on the rising sun and a specific shade of the sun’s prana is awaited, after that one shuts the eyes and internalises as looking at the sun beyond a certain point can seriously damage the eyes. In fact, it is not possible to look at the blazing sun directly with naked eyes, the intensity is too much.



Once we were travelling with Yogiji and I had the opportunity of being there as he was chanting the mantras at the time of morning sandhya. The mantras reverberated in the entire environment and I could feel the vibrations in my every cell. I got so mesmerised by the chants that I completely forgot to shut my eyes. I ended up staring at the sun directly for almost half an hour. Normally I am not able to keep my eyes open after a few minutes of sunrise since the sun becomes so bright. But that morning without realizing I kept my eyes open.

Towards the evening my eyes started becoming dry and red with a bit a pain. I splashed a bit of water and slept, thinking it will be okay by morning. By next day I could barely open my eyes, they were absolutely red and dry. I realized that something was wrong and called Yogiji. He advised me to get my eyes tested.

I got my eyes tested by the best eye specialists. They did all possible tests and all the results came out clean. Renowned eye specialist, Dr Devindra Sood, was of the opinion that I am extremely lucky and could have permanently damaged my eyes. He explained to me that like in childhood we performed the experiment of burning paper by focusing the sunlight on a spot with a magnifying glass, looking at the bright sun directly burns the eyes in the same manner…It is a miracle that my eyes are absolutely fine. It’s the grace of my Guru.

Author: Simrandeep Kaur

TIW Bureau

TIW Bureau

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  1. Very true. No harm can be caused to the Shishya when in Samidhya of his/ her Guru. Several practitioners have such miraculous experiences.

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