In Sickness and in Health


I have been practicing Sanatan Kriya for more than a decade now, and have been actively participating in the animal causes run by Dhyan Foundation.

The last one month had taken a toll on me mentally and physically, for one by one, everyone around me was falling sick — my wife, my daughter, my first cousin, my business partner, my brother, brother’s wife and even my father (I can show medical reports for all). I was holding the fort by myself holding Guru’s hand. The pressure was unbearable when my brother Rohit, my father and Rohit’s wife simultaneously fell ill…especially Rohit who first had typhoid, Covid and then dengue.


When Rohit’s condition became critical I prayed to Guruji for help. I knew that if one has faith in the Guru’s energy, nothing is impossible as the Guru’s energy is unlimited.

That day I was alone in Rohit’s room in the hospital and after Guru Vandana, started doing Dhyan and Divya Chikitsa mantras for his wellbeing. When I started chanting the Gayatri Mantra, all of a sudden Ma Adi Shakti appeared in the room above Rohit’sbed, facing him. She had many arms holding things like shankh(conch), sword, mace… sitting on the lion. This is the same form of the Devi I had experienced at the Parvati Valley Spiritual Sojourn with Guruji. Ma Adi Shakti leaned towards Rohit and transferred some kind of energy and then went away. Immediately after that Rohit started responding to treatment and getting better. The entire room had an altogether a different energy.

Guruji often says if you are walking the path of karma, nothing can touch you. I experienced it first hand — for despite having all kinds of diseases (typhoid, dengue, covid) all around me — I did not fall sick even for a nano-second.

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Guest Author

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